Monday, November 10, 2008

If I were President...

I would make it a law that there will be NO decorating for Christmas, playing of Christmas music, Christmas ads on tv, buying of Christmas presents or even talk of Christmas until the day after Thanksgiving!!!!

Seriously, I backed out of my driveway a couple of days ago and was appalled to see that my neighbor across the street was putting up her Christmas lights, decorating the lawn and had a wreath out to hang!

What is that all about? I still haven't put away my jack o'latern! It is absolutely NOT time to get out the Christmas decor.

So I did what I always do when I am outraged - called The Love to whine complain discuss the situation.

ME: You will never guess what I just saw?!
LOVE: (totally uninterested!) Ummm, no idea.
ME: E___'s mom is putting up their Christmas decorations!!!
LOVE: (totally unimpressed and possibly even bored!) They're getting started early.
ME: I am not going to stand for this! It is absolutely NOT time to decorate for Christmas. Isn't there some rule in our HOA about when you can decorate? This is ridiculous! Love, they're trying to ruin Christmas for me!!
LOVE: I doubt you even crossed their mind.

Ugh! That man never takes me seriously.

Then the icing on the cake came right after I hung up the phone with my totally unsympathetic and doesn't-even-try-to-pretend-this-registers-on-his-radar husband. I turned the radio on and heard, "Have a holly jolly Christmas..."

Why is everyone against me?


Elizabeth said...

Things could be worse. You have to read this:

I'm amazed at how early Christmas things are out this year. It gets earlier every year, I think. I still need more time to enjoy the fall!

Jessi said...

It all started for me when I walked into WalMart the day after Halloween....Christmas decor was in full force and Christmas music was playing overhead. What, it's not even Thanksgiving, people! Then last week one of our neighbors hung their outdoor lights and set up their lawn ornaments....they are already turned ON in the evening. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas and listening to Christmas music 24/7...but AFTER Thanksgiving.

Thanks for sharing your conversation with The made me laugh. Mine would go *a lot* something like it. ;-)

The Mother Hen said...

I say you go across the street, tear down all of the decorations, & then get some blue spray paint to make it look like gangsters did the damage...

Okay, maybe not...

Joy said...

my favorite -- the c-v-r-d women in the store discussing the Christmas tree and other Christmas decorations that were being put up in the store nearby.

supposedly, i live in the middle east. in reality, i live in a displaced western city.

allboys4us said...

You are so funny Sabrina! :D It's definitely I noticed 'Christmas' in the back of the stores even a week or two before Halloween & the day after it was full out! It seems to get earlier every year...I'm not even seeing any Thanksgiving stuff...craziness!

Rhonda said...

I love it that Christmas takes over Halloween! I think of the true meaning of Christmas and say, "bring it earlier every year!" Make it a positive thing and talk about why folks decorate early! They love Jesus! (hopefully!)

Sab Mad said...


I think the true meaning of Christmas should be celebrated ALL year long! Not just a season. My beef is with the commercialism of Christmas.

My neighbors aren't decorating with a manger, but Santa and his reindeer. They are getting into the spirit of presents, lights and trees, not the significance of our Savior's birth.

They don't know Jesus, so they have no idea what they are celebrating. We're working on that though...