Friday, November 21, 2008

Raining Babies!

When I say that more than half my friends here are pregnant, I'm NOT joking!! In my closest circle of 7 ladies, 4 are pregnant. No fear, this mama is NOT!!

So I helped throw a shower for them. (Caleb is so cute - he kept asking, "How do you throw a shower?") Here are some of the pictures of my super cute preggo friends at their shower.

Here is the gang! Aren't they cute?! I really love these ladies!!

My Julie is having a GIRL!! She has two boys and now is having a girl. Pink, pink, pink!! I just wish she was having twin girls!!
Karen has a boy and girl and is having another girl!
And here is my Kellie - isn't she so photogenic?! Disgusting! She also has a boy and a girl and is having another girl!! I have been helping her with names, but I don't think that she appreciates my help.
Maggie has a little boy and isn't going to find out what she is having until the big day! I have no idea how people are able to do that?! I am such a control freak!!
The prego's!


Real-life Family said...

Cute! Looks like a fun shower!

TYLERS said...

Thanks again for a great was a blast. I still dont think I am a grump, but I guess my husband who deals with grouchy gen surgeons all day could use a little more pep from my direction....lesson learned!

Jessi said...

How fun! I just LOVE a good baby shower. And seeing a room full of pregnant ladies just makes me want to be pregnant again (ok, maybe not yet). ;-)

PS. I think I'd stay away from the water they're drinking.