Sunday, November 02, 2008

Weekend Recap

Friday: Trick or Treat action...all WELL documented!

Saturday: The boys went with The Love and my stepdad to the air show! Super fun, and very anticipated event for all of them. The were there for almost 6 hours - a long time for the boys, but it sounds like they all had a blast. The boys each got overpriced souvenier airplanes (from their grandpa!) and lots of free air show stuff.

Poor Joseph, when he goes anywhere with the kids, I always want the play-by-play of everything that happened. Here is my favorite story of the day: By the end of the air show, the boys were wiped out from the heat and all the walking. So my stepdad (known as Geepa) put Luke on his shoulders. While up there Luke says, "Geepa, you have a hole in your hair!" Geepa responds, "Yep, I lost all my hair there didn't I?" Luke was quiet for a second and then excitedly said, "Nope, I just found one!"

While the boys went to the air show my mom, the girls and I went to the outlets for some shopping. I refrained from getting much for myself because I have high hopes of losing more weight. So the kids got stuff instead. It was fun to spend time with my mom and the babies. We had a good time and the girls were pretty good.

The top 3 questions I was asked at the outlets:
  1. Are they twins?
  2. How old are they?
  3. What were they for Halloween? (very few people were impressed with the Ewoks!)

Sunday: I took the kids to church this morning while Joseph went to work and my parents went home. I'm really liking our church more and more lately. Then when I got home I did more laundry than any human should have to do. And I am currently sitting on the porch, enjoying the weather and waiting for my man to come and rescue me from my little Darlings! He is watching our 4 kids and my friend, Jacque's, 5 kids while we go out to dinner!! Isn't he the best?! It was his idea. Her hubby is deployed for 5 months and he thought she may need a break. I really love my man! He has worked all day and is going to come home and take care of 9 kids. See why I am always say he's a Rockstar?! And he's so brave!!

I'll let you know how it goes...

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Sincerely Anna said...

Is that Jacque as in...Jacque from DBC?! Hope you had a great time! Ever hear from Michele? I miss her!