Friday, November 14, 2008

WW Friday

Are you ready for this?...
It was a good week!! A very good week!!

Here is the nitty-gritty:

Friday: Lifted & 30 min of cardio
Saturday: Ran 5 miles
Sunday: off
Monday: Lifted & 30 min of cardio
Tuesday: Ran 5 miles
Wednesday: Lifted & 30 min of cardio
Thursday: Ran 3 miles

Not too bad considering I'm sick too! Yesterday I felt awful, thus the 3 mile run instead of my planned 5 mile run.

Now to the scale: I lost 2.2 pounds!! Wooo-hoooo!! I definitely think that sticking to my workout schedule, oh and that we didn't eat out EVERY day this past week was quite helpful! We actually only ate out twice and I think that may be one for the record books! Eating out is what really kills me. Not only is it not healthy, but it is also expensive. Note to self: eating out isn't good for the pocket book or the scale! I should probably tattoo that on my forehead!

My last piece of exciting news is that I signed up for my first half marathon! I am so nervous, but also so excited! It is in February, so I'm sure you will hear way more than you really want to know about all that in the next couple of months!!


Jessi said...

What an awesome week, girl! YAY for 2.2 pounds lost!

Soooo, you're all registered and ready to go, huh? I'm not too far behind ya...just trying to find *my* kahunas. Hehe.

Sorry you're not feeling well...hope you get to feeling better soon. ;-)

Michele said...

Popped in to get a dose of your fun. Congrats on your good week. Missing all you guys.
p.s. It's all about Christmas up here in the northland.