Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Little Ladies!

I have no time to blog today (although I have a lot to blog about!) so I thought that I would show you some pictures of my Yummy Little Twins!

Ella looking awfully serious.

This is one of their new favorite things to do - push one another in their little car. I just love it! Their like two little old ladies!

Some dance action - they have moves!

Do you think they still look alike?

Lily Kate

Ella Grace

The little old ladies stylin' their sunglasses!

Lily Kate

Drivin' Miss Ella
Delicious aren't they?? Love it!!!!!


Joy said...

your children are stinkin adorable.

i talk about you sometimes. and your children. i miss your family and love you guys a lot!

i also have updated my blog more than twice this month. you should check it out. ;)

allboys4us said...

Your adorable little girlies take the sweetest little pictures! :)

Real-life Family said...

Oh my gosh! Sooo cute! Are they identical? They really look like it, at least to me (someone who doesn't know them in person). Are they easy for you guys to tell apart all the time? They are the most adorable little things! :)

Sab Mad said...

DS - I miss you so!!! I'm going over to check your blog as soon as I finish this! YAY for updating often...YOU are amazing!!

M - We aren't sure if they are identical or not. We'd have to have a DNA test to find out. Mommy can ALWAYS tell them apart, Daddy ALWAYS gets them confused, Caleb mostly gets them right and Luke calls them, "that baby" - he never knows who is who.

I love that y'all think they're so cute!! We do too!!!

Sincerely Anna said...

So delicious! Love them to pieces!

Kari Wright said...

completely adorable! what great smiles and joy!

Lorinda said...

These girls are adorable knockouts and know how to turn the world on with there smiles...
hey I blog now also