Friday, November 07, 2008

WW Friday

Not a good all!!

I gained .4 pounds.

And I'm shocked I didn't gain more! Here is a break down of my eating and exercising for the past week. You, too, will be shocked I didn't gain more weight...

Friday: Ate out 2 times, Strength class
Saturday: Ate out 2 times, (and scarfed down lots of chocolate!) no exercise
Sunday: Ate out once, no exercise
Monday: DIDN'T EAT OUT - ALERT THE MEDIA!!, lifted & 30 min. cardio
Tuesday: Ate out once, ran 5 miles
Wednesday: Ate out 3 times!, no exercise
Thursday: Ate out once, ran 5 miles (averaging a 9:04 pace)

Yeah, so it is amazing that I didn't gain 5 pounds!! I plan on having a WAY better week next week!


Jessi said...

Okay, so a not-so-great week...but you gained less than 1/2 a pound, which is *definitely* better than gaining 1, 2, or 5 pounds. And really, with all of the eating out you did, it *is* amazing that your gain wasn't must be kickin' some serious bootie on the days you did make it to the gym.

Put it behind ya and get back on that horse!!!!

Michele Crandall said...

Jake has to turn in a food journal for this weekend's eatin'. I keep thinking I need to make him eat a bunch of carrots and he keeps thinking Halloween candy is a good idea. I know this all reflects back on me somehow...he's been asking who S. Frued is. Was sending this kid to school a good idea?