Thursday, December 11, 2008

After spell checking this I learned that "shwack" is not a word.

The condition of my purse is always a good indicator of how crazy my life is. My purse is a disaster.

My little twinkies have pneumonia. They had been running fever on and off for 4 days when I finally told The Love to get his stethoscope and listen to their lungs. He confirmed that there was lots of noise in there. One of the many perks to having a hubby that is a doc. Since being on antibiotics, they are getting better and much less clingy!! I've said it before and I''ll say it again...the hardest part about having twins comes when they get sick at the same time! That, and getting in and out of the car!

Things have been especially nutty around here because I am putting together a brunch for 60 women tomorrow. The RSVP deadline was Tuesday and I had a lady email me last night to let me know that she will be coming. Ummm, you missed the deadline... And then another one called today. Ummm, seriously, you missed the deadline. Why is RSVP so difficult? So annoying!

My running coach at the gym kicked my (getting smaller) booty on Tuesday. I could barely walk yesterday and was very sore today. And then she did it again today. She is really trying to get me ready for my marathon. She's nuts. She ran a marathon last November, 4 months after giving birth, in 1:39. She's a machine. She wore a shirt today that said, "Yeah, I run like a girl. Try and keep up!" She is determined to see me reach all my goals. It's awesome having someone like that in your corner. Even if I do want to hurt her during my workout!

Caleb had a very exciting week - he's, Student of the Week! We went yesterday to chapel with him while he got his award.

Here he is waiting for me to get my act together and take his picture. Isn't he cute? He got the award, "because of his love". I'm not exactly sure if that is because he was showing love to others or because he is loving or ??? But I am proud of him nonetheless.

My Christmas cards should be arriving any day now. They will be different than any that we have done in the last 7 years of writing Christmas cards. Kinda exciting! I went through my Christmas list and shwacked (is that a word?) a bunch of people off. The list was getting too big and I'm not sure most of the people on it will notice if they don't get a card. I don't know, in reality I go back and forth with the whole Christmas card thing. The Christmas letter is so hard for me because I want it to be real. I don't want it to be a list of how fabulous we are because we have our issues just like everyone else. But at the same time, I am proud of my little family. I don't walk fine lines very well. And then I often wonder, "Does anyone really want a card from the Mads?" Really. So, I took liberty with the ever growing list. With that said, if you want a card let me know. Otherwise I may assume you don't and shwack you off!

I'm not even remotely done Christmas shopping. I did, however, get my hubby something and the man already opened it today!!! It was supposed to be a surprise, but because he is a super sleuth (or he just happened to look at our bank statement when he wasn't supposed to!) he found out what it was! Here he is putting it together:

Can you figure out what it is? How about this:

Yup, the poor man (and I say poor with thick sarcasm) was having a difficult time playing his XBOX on our old "little" tv. And because I adore the ground he walks on and am sick of seeing him sit right in from of the tv while playing XBOX (so that he can see) - he got a new tv. I'm happy because he is so happy. We had our old tv since we got married and it really was time for a new tv. We have had a magnetic spot on it for years that was growing and growing. And then I think the kids put magnets on it again because there were some new spots. Anyway, the only thing I am sad about is that I wasn't able to keep it a surprise until Christmas! And I'm thrilled that while he would have liked a bigger tv, he settled because he knew it would make me so happy to have a tv that fit in the armoire. That was my only requirement. I wasn't going to have some gargantuan tv be the centerpiece to our living room - no sirree, that's not for me!

Well, I'm off to take a nap. I'd love to hear if you are sending out Christmas cards this year and if your writing a letter. Oh and do let me know if you are including your blog address in your letter. That's another one I always waffle on.


Elizabeth said...

I want a Christmas card from the Mad family! I need your address anyway so I can send you your Sonic card. Hurry or I may use it myself:)

I sent picture cards without a letter, and I did not include my blog address. I want to keep it separate from some of my real life friends. Is that terrible?

The 4 Rohrers said...

I completely understand your Christmas card drama. I mailed out 100 - ONE HUNDRED - cards today. They were ready to go before Thanksgiving, but again, I too had the dilema over the letter. Same feelings. The last *real* letter about God and His work in us was in 2004. Anyhow, we love getting your cards, but understand if we got cut based on the enourmous numbers that we, too, are racking up. It's a curse, or maybe a blessing, of a military fam.

Sab Mad said...

Elizabeth - I'll send you a card! I'll email you (soon!) with our address and then send me yours.

Rohrer Lady - You are not lucky enough to get shwacked this year! I agree that this is the blessing/curse of being a military family.

Sincerely Anna said...

So sorry to hear about the girls having pneumonia. I want a card from your beautiful family! Enjoy the rest of your Christmas season. I know Joseph will!

Kellie said...

I sent a card, with letter, with picture, with blog address...
I figure, just go for it!

Real-life Family said...

SO sorry to hear your precious little girls are sick, but glad they're on the mend! And congrats to Caleb on his award! How very special!! :)

I sent out a Christmas letter and picture of my kids...with blog address. (To 80 people! I think maybe I should learn to schwack, too!) The reason for starting my blog in the first place was so family and friends could "keep up" with us a little better from far away. So I absolutely will share it with anyone! :)

I hear you about the Christmas letter. I try very hard not to make it sound all nicey-nicey, but then again, a Christmas letter isn't the place to air your problems, either, so I just sort of wrote your "typical" Christmas letter; it's mostly factual and not too gushy. There are a few select people I'm NOT sending the letter to (they're getting regular cards instead) because I feel that the "nicey-ness" of it (or more specifically that hearing about the traditional-ness of our family) would irritate them - mostly people in my husband's family who know what's going on with us anyway.

There. That came out longer than I planned! I can never just answer a question, it seems!

Karisa said...

We sent a picture card with no blog address. Last year we sent a picture card WITH blog address. We haven't sent letters the last two years, because anyone who really wants to know what we're doing are following our blog. It's nice to share what God is doing in/for us, but, again, the people who want to know already know...not that the people who don't want to know couldn't benefit from that sharing. Sigh.

Michele Crandall said...

I always want your cards, keep it real, send those pictures. How about visit too??