Wednesday, December 31, 2008


The Darlings and I are leaving my parents house this morning (or since I haven't even started packing us up it could be this afternoon!) and I'm sad to leave. Coming home really is such a treat for all of us. And a reprieve from real life. In real life, I definitely do NOT get the red carpet thrown out for me. Unless Lovey is home. In that case he is always trying to make my life easier and make things special for me. Okay, so maybe I do get the red carpet thrown out for me at home, but not like I do when I come home to my parents!!

My mom is the most giving person I have ever met. There have been many, many, many times in life where I have said, "I like that purse" or "I like that shirt" and she has given it to me right then and there. She gets such joy in giving. And as shallow and pathetic as I am, I can admit I get joy in receiving. And thus we have a great relationship.

At my mom's house there is always someone (mom-sister-future bro in law-stepdad) to love on my kids, get a drink for them, change a diaper and hold a baby. My mom is the kind of grandma that plays with, loves on, waits on, and snuggles with her grandkids as long as - THEY ARE AWAKE! She makes up the craziest stories and has the kids in stitches, always has some fun art project up her sleeve, builds the best forts, and is non stop motion with her grandbabies. And they ADORE her.

Coming here is a treat for all of us. How many moms bring their grown daughters breakfast in bed? How many grandma's have multiple closets filled with toys that come out when her babies come for a visit? She is amazing and we are blessed.

And it's not just her. My step-dad, step-mom, dad, siblings - all are so excited to see us, so great with my kids and really enjoy spending time with them. Seriously, they do all the work and I get to eat, rest, surf the net, shop, watch tv, SIT - all in peace. One word...glorious.

Today it is time to go home. And the only reason I'm looking forward to going home is because The Love is there and I miss him. And I miss going to the gym. And my friends. And my house. Okay, and I miss Titan too! Alrighty, so I am excited about going home.

But, I sure do love coming back to my parents house. And feel so blessed to live 3 hours from them. I do think that a 2 hour drive would be better, but am not going to complain since most of my friends live double-digit-hours from their families!!!! Yep, three hours isn't bad at all!

And I'm thankful that we will have at least 2 more years being this close to my family. And I'm already looking forward to our visit in March! And I better get out of bed and start packing. And getting reacquainted with doing work...

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Kari said...

This is how it is at my in laws as well. Lovely. They are so gracious to let us go out and about by ourselves. What I spent time doing this time..was playing with the kids without having to get up and make meals, or do laundry. Mom in law LOVES homemaking and is oustanding. I honestly enjoyed a bit of uninterrupted time to visit with my kiddos without all the other mommy jobs.