Wednesday, December 03, 2008

There are no excuses now!

I jokingly tell my man the other day to go and do something with his daughter's hair because it is getting stuck in her bugars.

Gross, I agree.

Anyway, it was only said in jest because for months he has been telling me that he, "doesn't do girl hair".

SO, you can imagine my surprise when Little Kate came out looking this cute:


Now, in order to achieve this look he must first douse their heads with a fire hose wet their hair. Then he works meticulously to create the perfect part. I kid you not, the surgeons he works with would be proud. After he creates his masterpiece part, he proceeds to give the girls any and everything they want in order to keep them still so that he can keep his part straight while gathering his little ponytails.

Viola! 20 minutes later ONE girl has piggypails...just one more to go!

It really is the cutest thing. Especially for a Daddy who, "doesn't do girl hair"! I heart my man!!


Real-life Family said...

AWWWWW....that IS adorable!!! (Of course, it helps that your twins are a couple of the cutest little girls I have ever seen!) You go, Daddy!

Elizabeth said...

My hubby doesn't do girl hair either. Ever. Joseph sure did a good job on Lily Kate's hair. I am totally impressed!

Jessi said...

Impressive! I'm laughing that it took him 20 minutes/Darling. The piggytails are even, too--definitely something a surgeon would be proud of. ;-) Only time will tell if my hubby, too, can use his "skills" to "do girl hair".