Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I'm always learning something new!


As I blog, all is quiet. It wasn't that way a couple of hours ago. We had a Happy Birthday Jesus party and there were 16 kids, 4 and under, at my casa. That, my friends, is a lot of kids under my roof. Only a few things got broken, spilled or lost. Not too bad, not too bad. While I had other things planned, with kids that small all you can really do is sing Happy Birthday. No deep theological dissertation needed.

We have a busy rest of the week. Caleb is making his acting debut as Joseph tomorrow night at his schools Christmas pageant. He wanted to be Jesus, but lost out that role to a plastic baby doll. So, Joseph is the next best thing. We are all going to the pageant as a family and I'm praying that the Twinkies don't distract us from this Oscar winning performance.

Then on Friday we have a party and Saturday a progressive dinner with our favorite 9 other couples. That will be SO fun! We have some hilarious friends!

On another note, I started my marathon training this week. Yesterday was my first run and it was terrible. Hopefully yesterday was not a glimpse into my future...

Well, I'm off to mop my floors. The cleaners came before my party and I don't think I'll make that mistake again! Lesson of the day: cleaners come after party with 16 small children!


Elizabeth said...

I wish I had cleaners! I just have messer-uppers:)

Sounds like a fun party! I hope the play goes well. Oscar-winning, indeed!

Got your card-gorgeous!! Thank you for including us in what I am sure is a very long Christmas card list.

Michele said...

Wish we were there to see Caleb as Joseph. I'd even hold a baby girl.
Tons of snow our way. The boys are excited about a white Christmas.
miss you

The Z's said...

Was thinking of your family a lot today, so I thought I would get updated on the family.:) The girls just keep up the beauty, don't they? So I want to see this gorgeous skinny momma I keep hearing about! So, post a pic of you in the next month or so...when I check online again.