Friday, December 12, 2008

WW Friday

Not a good report this week. I gained 2.2 pounds! And don't really care. I weighed myself way later in the day than normal and after I went to my brunch and had the yummiest food ever. So, I'm taking this weeks weigh in with a grain of salt. Next week on the other hand...

I'm kinda over the scale. I got some new clothes and am down a size. Not to mention that I have more muscle and am stronger than I have ever been.

Next Monday I start my half marathon training schedule. My running coach at the gym has already started training me, but officially I start next Monday. I'm nervous, excited, full of doubt and ready to prove something to myself.

Very ready to prove something to myself.


Elizabeth said...

You can do it! You are so determined and excited about your marathon, you'll do awesome. And you'll prove it to everyone!

Jessi said...

Yay for smaller sizes! I know what you mean about the scale, but unfortunately, I'm addicted and feel like it's the only way to measure my progress (even though I'm wearing some pre-preggo clothes now).

You are going to do AWESOME with your half marathon training! Look what you've been able to accomplish thus far, distance at a pace you never thought you could do before this summer.

It's so good that you've got someone to help you through it...she won't let you quit (and you won't want to let her down). It's the most amazing feeling to complete such a grueling training schedule and cross the race finish line. It's going to be hard, but, trust're going to do AWESOME!

Lorinda said...

lose the scale and love your life.. weigh in once a month if you must.
good luck with the running goal... our daughter just did the half marathon for Womens Nike Lymphoma and Luekemia in San Francisco.. hills were a challenge but she did great.