Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Memory Lane

I thought it would be fun to take a little (cyber) stroll tonight (since Lovey is gone and well, I really don't want to do anything that requites me to leave the couch but I really need some exercise) down memory lane! Here is a list (done in bullets of course) of some of the most important events, moments and thingamajiggers (in my mind anyway) of 2008:

  • The Beauties turned 1 and I still can't believe how fast time is flying by!
  • Love graduated from medical school.
  • I survived the first half of the dreaded "Intern Year". The second half, on the other hand, I may not survive.
  • I sent my first born child to Kindergarten and was, admittedly and characteristically, way too dramatic about the whole affair.
  • We took our first family vacation and road-trip as a family of 6 (and lived to tell about it!).
  • I discovered the most amazing tv show in the history! And on my Birthday Eve it's coming back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I've become a gym junkie... (more posts about that than you want to revisit!)
  • We talked more about my boobs than anyone really wanted to know or hear about.
  • My stubborn and very-difficult-to-potty-train child, finally got out of diapers!!
  • AND last, but not least, we have had more illness around here than I ever want to have again! (you really don't want to relive those posts, trust me!)

One of the things that I love most about blogging is going back to look at pictures and read my thoughts and feelings, and laugh at how... dramatic ridiculous absurd ..I am. Thanks for taking that stroll with me. Let me know if any of you go for a cyber walk, I'd love to go with you!

Happy New Year!!

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Elizabeth said...

I love going back and reading my past blog posts. It always gives me some perspective (maybe a little too much!)

You had a great 2008 and I love that I was around for so much of it. I feel like I've gotten to know you and your family and that is so cool! 2009 is going to be great and we'll have our blogs to prove it:)