Sunday, June 01, 2008

A few stats...

Number of miles driven = over 4,500 (not typo people!)

Number of hours in the car = around 70!

Amount of money spent on gas = almost $800 (I was expecting that number to be higher!)

Most amount of money we have ever spent in filling our tank (filled during this trip because of the high gas costs) = $84.00

Number of days we were away from home = 22

Number of times we heard the phrase, "I have to go to the bathroom" while in the middle of nowhere = more times than I care to remember!

Number of times we said, "If you don't stop ________ we will pull this car over" = I repeat, more times than I care to remember!!

Number of times we pulled the car over! = There was only 1 day that we literally pulled over ever half hour to deal with luke drama.

Number of times all six of us stayed in a hotel room together = 8

Before this trip, number of times all six of us stayed in a hotel room together = 0

Number of times Luke threw something in anger = I am embarrassed to admit this one.

Number of pounds I gained = 14. Once again, this is no typo. I just weighed myself for you, my bloggy friends. Maybe the scale is broken? (at this point I must derail to tell you that I just asked Lovey how much weight he thinks I gained on this trip and he said, "15 pounds." I indignantly said, "Why did you say 15 pounds?" His reply was, "You look like you gained a decent amount of weight." Honesty, is highly overrated!)

Number of times the girl's cried = I could count that on 1 hand.

Number of times Luke cried = We would need a football team to loan their fingers and toes to count this one!

Number of times we got lost = Two Words...New Jersey!

Number of times we said, "Luke put your seat belt on now!" = Has that football team arrived?

Number of hours the boys slept in the car = Caleb - 0, Luke - 1

Number of hours the girls slept in the car = Rough estimate - an hour a day.

Number of hours I slept in the car = Rough estimate - 2 hours a day.

Amount we went over budget = Eh, you know, a couple of...thousand!

It was worth every penny of it. We just got home a couple of hours ago and both said that the past 3 weeks were the most fun we have had in a long time. We spent fun time with both our families, with some of our favorite friends, as a family and with one another. While we had some rough moments in the car with our favorite youngest son, we are both amazed at how well our kids did that long on the road.

Our whole trip was amazing and I will cherish it forever!

And now we are back to the real world. Big sigh.

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Elizabeth said...

I love your list. Super funny! I've been working on my own and it's pretty interesting. And I would tell you not to worry about the 14 pounds, but my son told me today that my butt is getting big and I almost cried. It'll come right off for both of us, I'm sure.