Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Can you tell me how to get...

to Sesame Street?!
I am finally getting around to posting some more pictures from our vacation. These are of our fun times at Sesame Place. We had been there a couple of years before with our best friends, the Zeiglers, and had a blast! This time we also brought along Joseph's parents and our friends the Fieberkorn's.

The boys coming out of this huge slide!

Caleb, Elise and I rode this crazy rocket ride that actually made my stomach do flip flops. Elise was so cute and as soon as we took off she gabbed my hand and held it tight for the rest of the ride.

I love this picture of Caleb. It totally captures the face that he makes when he is excited!

A little drama from the Queen and prince.

Angela and I were the first to brave the waters. While we were there it was a little chilly in PA and the water was freezing!

Luke was fascinated with that big yellow rubber ducky at the top of the water ride.

Josiah, Caleb and Luke

Didn't that girl do an awesome job?! We waited in line for close to 45 minutes for this face painting and the excitement that Caleb had about it was worth it! He loved it!!! It matched his bright orange space suit that his Grandma LeAnn bought for him from the National Air and Space Museum. He had asked me for it, but Mama's don't spend that kinda money on things like that in gift shops like grandma's do!

The best buddies!

Lovey, Michael and Mike all went to the Air Force Academy together.

Poor kids. I wanted to get a picture of them on the famous "stoop" but the sun was positioned right in their eyes. Poor things!

The Mads, Ziggys and Fiebs!

The Mad/Ziggy Vacation 2008. When I look at this picture I laugh. I'm just in awe! It's so hard to believe we have 6 1/2 kids between us. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. 7 short years ago we were 2 couples getting ready for our weddings. And now look. So awesome!

My Friend. Isn't she cute prego?!

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