Thursday, June 26, 2008

We need an exterminator!

Luke's got the bug. And it's a bad one. He was up all night puking every 30 minutes to an hour. Then around 3am this morning it started coming out both ends. Poor child. He kept it up until 2pm when Joseph came home with my favorite wonder drug that once again worked like a charm. He is still not feeling well, but at least he isn't throwing up and is able to keep a little food down.

When I talked to my pediatrician this afternoon, she warned me that this nasty bug is highly contagious and it is very likely that we will all have it sooner or later. One word...lovely. I am so praying that this doesn't happen! We have already established, several times, that I am no fan of illness, doctors and especially vomit. Shocking, I know.

The Love took the kids to get vaccinations yesterday. Apparently I wasn't moving quickly enough for him. There was some talk about them not having had a vaccine since 2004, Caleb not having had a physical since 2006 and Luke not since 2005, so he's just going to take them. That works for me. I hate shots. And while I understand their importance, I don't take the kids to have them. That is a Daddy job.

All in all, I'm just terrible about getting my kids to the doctor. They seriously haven't been in years. But all of that is about to come to an end. I am making appointments for all 4 of them to have physicals. (This is the point where my mom re-reads what I just wrote in complete disbelief.) The only reason that I'm doing it is because Caleb needs a physical before he can start school. And since we have already put some money into his school, we might as well follow the rules and get him ready.

Since the boys hadn't had shots in so long, Luke got 3 and Caleb got 5! Although I don't go, I totally prep The Love on what he needs to do in case they cry. He looks at me rather insulted and claims that he can probably figure it out. Luke cried after the 3rd shot and Caleb didn't cry at all. I was shocked! And so proud of them!

Lucky for all of us that Caleb doesn't need anymore shots until he is 11 (I think I can be timely by then) and Luke doesn't need them until he is 6 (or I am forced to because of school)!

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Lorinda Symens said...

Hi Sabrina..
I am Jennifer Bloms cousin(in-law) and LOVE reading your blog and that you chose the title Raising Oaks of Righteousness for it! You once asked "who reads this anyway".. I love it.. real life. My youngest just graduated from HS and you write like I would if I had been a blogger. Having 3 kids in 5 years.. and the stuff we went through, it would have read as unbelievable but fun! So God bless you and your family..
Lorinda in sunny CA..