Monday, June 30, 2008

Blogging is an interesting thing

I first started blogging 3 years ago and it was mainly pictures of the kids. And it was done very sporadically. When I was pregnant with the girls, I started blogging more because our family and friends wanted to know how we were doing and wanted to know how big I was getting. Joseph was also gone for 6 weeks while I was pregnant and wanted to see the kids and 'hear' the stories of our days without him.

About a year ago I started blogging way more often. This was also the time that I realized that there is this whole blogging community out there. And there are blogs about everything under the sun - ramen noodles, cheese, redneck feminist, seriously, you name it and I am sure that you can find someone who writes about it. Everyone has a blog.

There are a few blogs that I read on a daily basis and most of them are of people I don't know. Probably because there aren't very many people that I do know that blog. (or at least they don't' admit that they blog!) As a blog reader, I love to glimpse inside people's lives - it's voyeurism at it's finest. I can do one of my favorite activities, people watch, from the comfort of my home. There are blogs that I read because I admire the writer or their life story. There are other blogs I read and fundamentally disagree with everything this blogger blogs about (and think that they are a bit nuts!), yet I still go back for more. Warped, I know. I'm a total rubbernecker!

As a Blogger, I blog for many reason. The biggest one is that The Love, loves my blog. He's my biggest fan and number 1 reader. My mom is also a big fan and reads daily. This is how she stays close to us even though she doesn't live in the same town. I also blog because it is so therapeutic and I LOVE going through old posts and reading about what I was feeling and how I was thinking. I also love looking at old pictures. At some point I plan on having my blog made into a book, like a scrapbook, that holds special memories, thoughts and pictures.

And then I have these moments where I blog because I want to communicate with others. Some bloggers live and die for comments. I have read several bloggers that will do almost anything for people to leave them comments. I go through phases. Sometimes I could care less if anyone other than my hubba or my mama ever read my blog. Then there are these other times where I desperately want to know that someone, anyone cares about my little 'ole blog. I was having such a moment last week.

I had told some friends that I thought I would stop blogging. They all laughed in complete disbelief. But, I was feeling discouraged that I have at least 20 people a day (and trust me, that ain't nothing compared to most blogs!) stop by and very few of you say "hi". I was feeling lonely. And God knew that. So at the perfect time I got an amazing comment from someone I don't know. Thank you, Lorinda. I really needed that.

There are lots of blogs I read that I never comment on, but I am going to try to be better at that. Sometimes I don't leave comments because I don't have anything pithy to say. Other times it's because I don't want to admit that I am an slightly obsessed fan. But my July resolution is going to be to encourage others. And I know how encouraging a comment can be. Thanks, again, Lorinda for reminding me of this!


Sincerely Anna said...

I go through phases too just like you are talking about. I appreciate comments and love the feedback, but I'm a terrible commenter myself. I actually like the commenter who pops in every now and then just to tell me she's still reading my blog or that she's "catching up with my life". That makes me feel pretty good.

I hope you never stop blogging because I'm addicted to your blog! :) Seriously, I step over people's feet in my Reader list just to click on you first!

Elizabeth said...

I feel this same way so often. I probably should get rid of my sitemeter because sometimes it just serves to remind me of whose not commenting. But, I love blogging. It is therapeutic for me during this season of my life. The thing is, I want to know who else is out there feeling the same way, or even somebody who just cares.

I am a faithful reader. Your blog is always encouraging to me. Don't stop with the good stuff!

Vansetters7 said...

Hi Sabrina! I just wanted to share with you that I LOVE your blog! It's my absolute favorite! I love that you are so honest about your feelings and your family. I love that you're not shy (because I tend to be that way.) I love the pics of your kiddos/family. But most of all, I love that you love God and that He is part of your blog. I am always so inspired and encouraged to try harder in my relationship/walk with Him and to be a better mom to these 5 boys that God has blessed me with. You encourage me always, make me smile and even sometimes laugh. Sometimes I am sad for you, like when your kiddos are sick. I would so miss your blog...please don't stop! You have inspired me to start my own. I have no idea what I'll say or who would want to read it but maybe it will be therapeutic and it will be a way to record my thoughts/feelings to look back on too. Thank you

TYLERS said...

Do you stalk my blog too? I am not quite as entertaining as a redneck feminist, but not everyone can be as blessed as other bloggers....

Shaffer family said...

I am someone that has been reading your blog. I found it by randomly clicking links on someone else blog. I just wanted to say that you have a wonderful way of writing that, I think, makes it sound like you are talking through your fingers (if that makes any sense at all). Keep writing!