Friday, June 27, 2008

The little twinkies!

How can you say anything other than delicious when you look at those little beauties above? So cute!

I have about 5 bazillion things to do right now, but decided that I would rather blog about my girlie's. They are so much fun! So fun! And constantly making me laugh with their antics. Here are some of the things they are "into":

  • Yesterday I caught them "chasing" each other around and crawling in circles. If I knew where our video camera was, then I would have taped it. Instead, it is another amazing memory burned into my mind.
  • If I sit on the floor or in the living room with my lunch, they drop whatever it is they are doing to come and beg for some food. They seriously rush me for food. Girls after my own heart.
  • We "carpet train" our kids. That merely means that we are teaching them boundaries by using our carpeted areas. They aren't allowed off the carpet. (If you think about it, there really isn't anything but trouble in areas in your house that don't have carpet. We've done this with all our kids and it works for us, so don't knock until you've tried it! Maybe I'll write a post on this someday?) So when they want me they will crawl to the edge of the carpet and hold their arms our fussing. If only one sister is doing this and the other sees, she comes over and joins in the fun!
  • They have been trading blankets at naptime. I have no idea when or how it happens, but we put them down with their blanket and when we go and get them they have their sister's blankie. I so wish that we have a video monitor. I would love to watch what the heck is going on in there.
  • These girls can talk. They look at you very seriously and "chat" away.
  • When one gets into naughtiness, the other follows. There have been many times that I have caught them both getting into trouble - ripping magazines, pulling all the wipes out of the container, crumpling up computer paper, and pulling off keys on the laptop are a few of their favorite activities that get them into trouble.
  • Sharing is becoming a problem these days. My mom thought she could eliminate this problem by buying 2 of everything, but nope - they want the toy that the other has. And get into some serious 'tiffs over it.
  • Feeding them at meals is nuts-o. Joseph and I are finding it harder to eat our meal because we are constantly cutting up food. We have tried cutting the food before it makes it to the table, but the second the girls see their food they get crazy! Flapping their arms and hyperventilating - these girl's love food. Oh, meal times...that could be a whole post in itself.They look so sweet and innocent in their high chairs, but that is only because they have food in their hands!

Up until a couple of weeks ago, the girl's hated being in the water. Problematic for living in the deep south and having a mama and brothers that love being outside in the pool. They have gotten significantly better and even kinda enjoy it.

Isn't this so fun?! I found them all in our backyard like this when I came home from the store the other day. Our cleaning people were here, so Joseph brought them all out in the backyard to keep them out of the house and out of trouble. Smart Daddy!

Splish, Splash!

Lily Kate warmed up to the whole water thing quicker than Ella did.

But Ella was happy once she found some grass to eat!!

Lily was happy to chew on this water ring.

Things can certainly be hectic with twins and then Luke, and then Caleb, but I absolutely love my kids! I have friends that find out they are pregnant and then say it would be their worse nightmare to find out it was twins. I think I probably said that before I had twins. And now I know that I couldn't have imagined how fun these blessings would be in most wild, amazing, wonderful dreams!


A Fun Family said...

The twinks are so cute! They look like they are even starting to chunk up a little bit :) Glad to know you are enjoying them so! I think I was there with ya'll this time last year! Crazy!!

Sincerely Anna said...

They are so fun and cute, cute, cute! I'd like to learn how you do this carpet training thing - I've never heard of it.

Sab Mad said...

JB - Can you even beilive that it has been a year?!? We go the cutest little bracelets ever!! Thanks so much for remembering the girls!