Monday, June 09, 2008

Diapers and Rahab - Happy Monday!

It's a little after 2pm in the afternoon and my girls were squealing and laughing so I went in to check on them. After all it has been almost an hour since their Daddy laid them down.

I wish I had pictures of what I found...

First, the girlie's were in the wrong beds. Eh, not too big a deal, it happens. Then I notice that Ella is happy as can be with all the blankets in her bed, and sweet silly Lily Kate was not so happy without a blanket. So I pick Ella up and put her in the right bed and then when I go to pick up Lily, I notice that she doesn't have a diaper on!!! Daddy, in his hurry to get back to work, never replaced the diaper that he changed on his baby girl!! Daddy, Daddy, Daddy....gone back to work for a few hours, comes home for a quick lunch and forgets how to change a diaper.

But we won't be too hard on the amazing man because he did come home and watch the babies while I took the boys swimming with some friends.

On to another topic, I learned something new this morning during my quiet time. I'm sure that you all already knew this, but I just learned that the mother of Boaz was Rahab! Isn't that something? I think that is so cool! I love how God is always moving behind the scenes, working. And how he uses the broken and those that seem least worthy for His purposes. Rahab is one cool chic! Full of faith. You should read her story... Pretty cool stuff!

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