Wednesday, June 11, 2008

You gotta love good customer service!

We get home from our trip and I noticed that Fabio was on the fritz. Making a totally weird noise.

I happen to know him intimately and almost immediately noticed the noise. So I ask Joseph to take a look. He didn't hear the noise and then he started manhandling Fabio. So, I kindly asked him to step away - far away from Fabio.

Then I called the Dyson people. They are fabulous. The Dyson Lady listened to the noise, over the phone, and said that the problem was that thingy's are getting in the filter area and they are not supposed to be (that's the cliff notes of a 30 min diagnosis). Then she said that she would be sending me a new filter and small-particle-something-or-other. She also said to clean the filter.

So I cleaned the filter. It was disgusting. Then vacuumed this morning. And when I opened the filter, I noticed that there was still thingy's getting inside the filter. So I called back.

And got another very nice support person. I told her all about my problems with Fabio and after she laughed (and said I was the first person that she had come across who named their Dyson - go figure) she helped me fix the problem and is sending me another filter and a new canister!!

How cool is that?!

I was so sad because I thought that Fabio, my no-back-talking-easy-on-the-eyes-love-slave, may not be one of the best things that has happened to me in the past year. But alas, he is as fabulous as I have always thought and now he as good as new. And kudos to Dyson for having such an awesome website and hiring excellent customer service people! How rare is that these days?

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Anonymous said...

Friend, checking in on you. You are a delicious writer, reading your words makes me miss our conversations. Now that we have carpet Ben has been complaining about my wimpy vac...he has not idea what that could mean!
miss you,