Monday, June 30, 2008

The suspense is killing me!

I am still waiting for the other shoe to drop.

As of last night, Luke is still sick. Every time that I think we are past it, he gets sick. It's no longer puke-y, but now is out the other end. My kids have never had diarrhea for any length of period before this and now that they have, I'm okay with never experiencing it again!

Toddler + Diarrhea = BIG MESS! (Hurry, go get a pen...another brilliant nugget of wisdom from the mad lady!)

He was lookin' good yesterday morning so we took him to church, but kept him with us and away from the other kids. And then we had some friends over for dinner and of course, as they were literally walking in the door, Luke had his first case of diarrhea for the day. It continued through dinner and as we were getting out dessert, it got really bad!! One word - fabulous. Not the most condusive background noise for a pleasant dinner/dessert!

Luckily our friends brought three (yes, 3!) yummy dessert options! And these are friends of ours from way back to our Minot days. When we first met them we didn't have any kids! And then we met up with them when we lived in DC and now they have moved here!! And their daughter is now of babysitting age!! They are fabulous friends, amazing mentors and we are thrilled to have met up with them for the third time. My most favorite thing about being military!

I warned our friends, before they came over, about the possible illness. Other than Luke, we are all feeling fine. I am sooo hoping that it stays that way!!

If you are going to drop shoe, just do it now! I can't stand the waiting!!!

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