Monday, August 25, 2008

Some pictures of the big day!

Here is my school boy...doesn't he look so handsome?!

What a day! (BIG sigh!)

Our morning ran more smoothly than I could have imagined. Caleb loved his list and did everything on it without any issues. I have no illusions that it will always be this easy, but I will take it when I can get it

Dropping Caleb off was hard and the school was a mad house! Caleb went right in and was so excited to be there. There was absolutely no tears, hesitation or sadness on his part. My part, on the other hand, is another story. I held it together very well on the way there, there and on the way home. It was when I got home and Luke said, "I miss Caleb. Can we go get him?" And then I saw Caleb's "friends" (Pups and Blankie) all by themselves on the table and that is when I lost it. Caleb loves his "friends" and is still very attached to them. Him leaving them at home was a big step and one I didn't even have to encourage. He did it all on his own. He's growing up! Ready or not...

Here is a picture of him when I dropped him off:

I cried on and off all morning. This adjustment is huge for me. For the past 6 years Caleb and I have had a similar routine every day. When Luke was born, things slightly changed and when the twins were born there was change, but even it was slighter than this one. Big change can be hard for me. Especially when it involves my kids.

Below is a picture of Caleb getting off the school bus:

Isn't this the nicest school bus you have ever seen?! He was so happy and that gave me such comfort!

My school boy had a great day and is thrilled that he gets to go back tomorrow! Oh, and he updated his blog with some thoughts about school.


Real-life Family said...

Awww...I feel your pain and joy! Drake just started K last week. It's tough, isn't it? But I'm glad Caleb enjoyed it and wants to go back!

Shaffer family said...

I also know how that feels. I wanted to stay @ school all day with Marcus (even though everyone else was waiting in the car for me to come out of the building)

Anonymous said...

Caleb, you look so handsome! I know that you are going to love school!! love Aunt Katie