Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"I choo'd"

In all my excitement over Caleb going to kindergarten, I forgot to tell you that Luke is going to school also. Our school district offers a pre-K program for four year olds and Luke barely made the cutoff. I thought long and hard about this because it's from 11:45-2:45 five days a week. Five days are a lot in my world and I just wasn't sure if that would be a good fit for us.

But, I'm super happy to report that thus far it is going well! Luke loves riding on the school bus. (I was worried about him being on the bus at such a young age, but they have chaperone's on the bus for the 4 year old's!) And he comes home excited every day and says its, "awesome" to go to school.

That kid is so cute! Below is a conversation I had with him:

While pulling a tissue out of his pocket he says, "My teachers gave me a tissue to put in my pocket because I choo'd"

You what?

I choo'd

You what? What did you do?

I choo'd

I stood there mystified and then finally it dawned on me! You mean you went, "ah-choo? Did you sneeze?

Yeah, I went choo.

Isn't that kid adorable? That kid seriously has personality. And lots of it. He's always making us laugh with the crazy things he says. I think we'll keep him!

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boys4us said...

Very adorable! :)