Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Late night ramblings

I haven't blogged in a while...have y'all noticed? Life is busy, full and flying right by me. On top of all that, I've not been able to find my blogging voice lately.

My Mothers of Multiples sale, over the weekend, went very well. I sold quite a bit. I arrived with 4 bins stuffed full of clothing and left with 1 loosely stuffed bin. The Love was thrilled about that. He thinks these sales are ridiculous. If Lovey Maddry was the stay-at-home Papa, he would have just dropped the stuff off at Goodwill. Never in a million years would you catch him tagging clothes, running in to shop with other bargain shoppers (it reminded me of shopping the day after Thanksgiving!) waking up early to work the sale and then loading up all the stuff that didn't sell in the car to do it all again next Spring. Never in a million years. But then again, if he was the stay-at-home Papa, he also wouldn't spend remotely as much money as I do and we would only be eating pancakes or mac-n-cheese.

Good thing he has a "real job".

The boys start school next week and I can't believe how fast the summer has gone by! It will be so weird not to have my Caleb here. But, let's not talk about that or I will be sad!

Darth Vader's (aka Luke) birthday is in two weeks and to say that he is excited about his birthday party is the understatement of the year! That child is hilarious. I asked him today what kind of food he wants at his party and he said, "Cereal and chocolate milk!" That child seriously cracks me up!

Joseph finishes up this awful rotation this week and then returns home to the ER for the next couple of months. After the horrible hours on this past month, the ER hours look fabulous! This residency thing is so weird. In what other job would a wife be thrilled about a 60 hour work week?

One month down of intern year, ten more to go!!

I have been keeping a little secret from you all... I have been running...a lot lately. When I first started running, I could barely run 4 minutes! Then I worked my way up to a 12 minute mile (not breaking any Olympic records!) and then little by little I have been working my way up AND now am running 2 and a quarter miles!! And today I was averaging a little over 9 minutes a mile!! Still not breaking any Olympic records, but can I get some bloggy love anyway?! I am so proud of myself! My goal is 3 miles at an 8 minute a mile pace. Four months ago I never would have thought that possible, but now....I have hope!!

Well, I guess I should head to bed. I have some cute pictures of the Pigtail Twins and my fabulous friend's Baby Shower that I will post soon.


boys4us said...

Congrats on your running progress...no small accomplishment, I know! :)

Lauren said...

I contributed to your success at the sale by buying about half of you clothing! The clothes were just to cute to resist. Check out our new blog at dustinlaurenclarkcrew.blogspot.com

The Mother Hen said...

You, rock!! I completely admire your running accomplishments because I don't think I can run a mile in ANY amount of time - unless I complete it in segments!!