Friday, August 29, 2008

This just got very INTERESTING and EXCITING!

Did y'all hear the big news?! J-Mac announced his pick for VP of the USA...Sarah Palin! And to say I am so excited about her is an understatement! Here is what I love about her:
  • She's a Christian
  • She's Republican
  • SHE'S woman
  • She's not only from the state Hubs was born and raised, but also lives in the same little town my husband is from and my in-laws live (how crazy us that?!).
  • She's a mama of 5!!
  • She's adorable
  • She opposes same sex marriage
  • Her oldest son enlisted in the Army (I'll forgive that he didn't join the AF)
  • She's not your typical politician
  • She's Pro-Life
  • She knowingly brought a child into this world that has Down Syndrome and when she looks at him she sees "perfection"
  • And I totally LOVE that she brought her (infant!) son to this big breakout rally without any shoes. This is a woman after my own heart

I am once again excited about this election and can't wait to see what's to come!!


Elizabeth said...

I was about to write a post that said essentially the same thing, but you beat me to it! I don't know much more about Sarah Palin than what you listed, but I am so impressed by her wholehearted conviction and follow-through, I love her already. Maybe she should be president!

Michele said...

My boys and I just had a great conversation about this woman. I am so impressed with her and McC's choice. It sure made the coming election more interesting!

So I am totally exhausted after J's 1st week of Middle School!! He is fine. It is all about the organization, the folders, color coded spirals, expandable files, multiple trips to Office Depot and cello stores for just the right books. Protractors, rulers, compass, calculator. Remember covering your books with paper bags? The Labor day project.
He's worth it.

allboys4us said...

Me too...I think it's AWESOME and a VERY smart choice! Before...I KNEW I would vote for J-Mac but wasn't excited and now...I am finally excited about this election!!! Very cool State/hometown connection your family has to her. :)