Friday, August 08, 2008

Steven Curtis Chapman

Did any of you get a chance to watch Steven Curtis Chapman on Larry King Live last night? I had wanted to DVR it, but had forgotten so I caught it in segments on youtube. You can go here if you want to see all parts of it.

While watching it I was struck by what an amazing family this was. Steven and Mary Beth Chapman have raised incredible children who I was in awe of while watching them share what God has been doing in their lives during this difficult time. They were all so real and honest about their pain, but also unwavering in their faith.

If you have some time, I highly recommend watching it. You'll be encouraged!


Elizabeth said...

Thanks for sharing this. My husband and I watched a lot of it, but it's so hard not to cry. I watched them on GMA and it was the same. So sad, but clearly the hand of God is on them.

A Fun Family said...

thanks for the link-