Wednesday, August 13, 2008

2 sets of twins?

People ask me that question a lot. I just chuckle. It's not unheard of...there are quite a few women in my mother's of multiples group that have 2 sets of twins. I just laugh because look at them... One speaks better than the other, follows directions better that the other and is a head taller than the other.

Nope, they aren't twins, but there are many times that they wish they were!


Elizabeth said...

People always thought my sister and I were twins. We looked nothing alike and had nothing in common. Nothing's changed so many years later. People still think we're twins even though I weigh about 30 lbs. more! Just the other day a man I was introduced to said he had already met me a few minutes before. He had actually met my sister!

Elizabeth said...

Your "twins" are adorable by the way! They look so much like my husband and his brother. (my husband would be the little wild one!)