Monday, August 25, 2008

To Caleb, From Mama on your FIRST day of school!


Today you are going to kindergarten and you are thrilled beyond words. You have been asking to go for 2 years and you are so excited that the day has finally come! Mama can't believe that this day is already here. I feel like it was just last month that we brought you home from the hospital and wasn't it just last week that you were learning to walk? My time with you, my little Lovie, is flying right by and this is another big mile marker that we have approached.

Mama is happy for you, but also a little sad too. I will miss you. Luke, the girls and I will be lonely without you. You are a very important piece to our day. I am so thankful that we kept you home an extra year. You have matured tons, got to spend time getting to love on the sisters and I have LOVED watching you and Luke become best buddies. I love hearing Luke ask you questions, hearing you guys making up games and I love listening to the little moments that you have gotten to have together. I will cherish them forever. While this past year hasn't always been easy, I am so grateful that we had it together.

I am also grateful that you will be experiencing two things that you are excited about - school and learning. We prayed about and chose a school where you will get to hear about Jesus throughout your day! You will get to read the bible, sing songs and learn memory verses with teachers who love Jesus. That makes letting you go a little easier.

Little Lovie, I pray that you will have a great time at school. I pray that your teacher will be kind, patient, understanding and that she has growing and committed relationship with Jesus Christ and that her joy overflows to you throughout the day. I pray that kids are drawn to the Light inside you and that you make wise choices in friends. I pray that you remember, that if you are scared or lonely, God loves you more than I ever could and that He is there with you.

I love you Caleb and I'm so proud to be your mama!

Holy God, this is so hard for me. Please give me peace throughout the day as I am away from Caleb. Put your hand of protection around him and comfort him if he is lonely, sad or scared. Help Caleb to remember that you are always there for him. Please help our morning to run smoothly and give me a brave face when I drop him off. Remind me today that this is the path that you have chosen for us and please give me some reassurance of that. Give Caleb favor with his teachers and peers, Lord, and let your Light shine bright within him. I know that he is yours Father and I thank you for trusting him to me for this season. Father, please draw me close to you today. I love you. Amen.


Elizabeth said...

I hope today goes well for all of you. I know it's an adjustment. I can't wait to hear what Caleb thinks of school.

Btw, I love the chart. I might steal it:)

The Mother Hen said...

Allie & Alexis are only going to Kids' Day Out, but it's their first day of school ever and I have been feeling everything you have! It's now 2:04 and I'm racing to finish typing so that I can go get them. I've missed all three girls so much today!! Can't we make summer last just a little bit longer?!!!

Lorinda Symens said...

what a great blog on your heart and the emotions that God created us to experience to draw us closer to HIM and to the ones we love.
I this morning also prayed with and blessed my college freshmen before he walked out the door into the new world he now enters. He went all through Christian schooling and the years of mom doing "crazy" things like praying over everything & blessing him.. but this morning my heart was blessed back once again in the prayer he lifted up for his schooling and that he be mindful to exhibit who Christ is in him. I couldn't have been more blessed if you told me I won the lottery! God is Good and he is loving.