Monday, August 11, 2008

A glimpse of my day through pictures...

Monday is laundry day here at the Mad house. With all of the laundry I do, and all the cute clothes my boys have, this is what they choose to wear - red socks with holes. Hmm...lovely.
This is what Luke begs, and I mean begs, me to take pictures of...lightsabers.
This was our mid-morning drama. Apparently Luke asked Caleb to draw him a picture of a leopard. So this is Caleb's interpretation of a leopard. Luke started crying and said, "that's not a leopard, that's a mini-van!" (Side note: Caleb is really a smart kid. He reads, he writes, but he is really NOT into art. He actually really dislikes coloring and drawing - a lot.)
This was the first drama of the day!! Caleb's tadpole, Taddy, died in the middle of the night. Apparently, that was a traumatizing sight for Caleb to wake and see. Caleb thinks Taddy's death was due to a lack of oxygen. I, personally think that it was due to a lightsaber that a certain 3-year-old-who-only-responds-to-Darth Luke was using.
Caleb wrote 2 notes to me and 1 to our neighbor to let us know that he was very upset about the death in our family. (Side note: isn't his writing really great for a child that isn't even in Kinder yet? I take little credit for the child that reads and writes...he's so self motivated and a miniature of his papa!)

And this, my friends, is where Caleb gets his artistic talents from. The above picture may look like it was drawn by a 5 year old, but alas it was drawn by the 5 year old's mama! Pretty pathetic, I know. My ego was stroked by a certain 3-year-old-who-only-responds-to-Darth Luke! He thought it looked really good and was excited to color it and draw it's spots! I was so happy that he didn't think it looked like a mini-van!!


Davies Family said...

Funny Sabrina....I happen to have a picture of a dog that I drew yesterday that looks eerily similar to your leopard drawing. :) It was approved by Sid, but unfortunately we've had drama in the past much like Luke and Caleb's....except over pictures that I've drawn. :) HA!

A Fun Family said...

Sorry to hear about Caleb's Caleb can sympathize as our beloved "Blue Goo" (a beautiful blue Beta fish)also passed away Saturday afternoon. We had him for 9 we had to have a "flushing funeral"
May these creatures RIP
JB & "B"