Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Super Fun Family Day!

Joseph was off today and we went with some of our favorite friends (their Daddy was off work today too!!) to the children's museum that is about 45 min away. I had heard that it was good and was pleasantly surprised at how amazing it was! They had something for all ages and the kids had a blast!! So did the parents!

Ella trying to hang with the big kids and play with the trains.
Sweet Lily Kate playing with puzzles.
They had a face painting station where Joseph practiced his art skills on Caleb's face.

If this doctor thing doesn't work out, Joseph could always join a carnival and work as a face painter!
Luke and his "best girl" Rayna. Isn't that cute?! He calls her his "best girl"!
Luke and his "best buddy" Luke!
Luke and R2-D2. I love this kid! Look at the serious look on his face and his salute! SO cute!

Caleb loving on his sisters.
Aren't my little Twinkies adorable?

The best buddies! (check out Luke's pose! what a nut!)
The Pigtail Sisters!
Aren't they gorgeous?!
One of my favorite things about the twins is that they have no personal space with one another. They are always crawling over on another, laying on one another, grabbing at each other...and rarely to they get upset about it!
Don't you love the cute little furniture?
The girls love to pull one anothers hair!
I asked if anyone was ready to go have lunch...Ella raised her hand!

This is Lily Kate on our way home...exhausted!

And look at crazy Ella. 1 pigtail in, lunch still on her face... What a mess!


boys4us said...

Looks like great fun! Wonderful pics! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful baby the precious! :)

Elizabeth said...

I love children's museums! I have only been to a few, but I am certain that I enjoyed them more than my children did. I wish there was one close to us. You have a children's museum AND Sea World! Lucky you!

Real-life Family said...

Loved all the pictures. Luke is too funny! I'm glad you guys had a break from the crazy work schedule and were able to take some family fun time together!

Cloughamily said...

Sab Mad,

Great pictures! I love your family. You all seem to have the best of times.

I miss you, friend.