Sunday, August 10, 2008

Germs, germs and more germs!

This is sweet Lily Kate's favorite activity these days... If she sees the baby wipes box, she makes a beeline and has all of the wipes out of the box way faster than I can get 1 wipe out of the box. It's really quite something. After she pulls the wipes out, she proceeds to rip them to shreds. And I wonder why we go through 600+ wipes a month!!!
Poor Lily Kate has been so sick all weekend long! Last week she had high fever for days and then she got "the rash" also known as roseola. Poor thing was covered in a red, bumpy rash! And to top it all off, she has pink eye in both eyes and a cold!! She is a mess! So whiny, uncomfortable and sad. Poor, sweet baby!
Ella and Caleb also have pink eye and colds as well. Darth Luke has managed to escape illness... for now. I am sure that once everyone is better, he will get it. Hmm...lovely.
The girls have been sick for almost a week. It is really hard when the twins get sick and Joseph is working long hours. They both fuss and want to be held and it's exhausting. I am so thankful that my Mama came into town Saturday morning and helped out so much. Joseph spent most of the weekend at the hospital, and it would have been super hard without any help.
It makes me laugh that I am 31 years old and still need my Mama's help!!


boys4us said...

It's so hard when they're all sick! We also have had a round of pink eye and recently some kind of virus that resulted in high fevers and throwing up. It definitely could have been worse for us though. I'll pray that you are all healthy soon! What a blessing to have your mama there to help! My little guy has the same kind of fun with the wipes. I often find the whole container all over the floor. Makes me smile though. :)

MSM said...

Hoping that everyone is feeling well very soon, and that you don't mind that a "stranger" has nominated you for a bloggy award:

I enjoy reading your blog, I just never 'get around' to commenting! : )

Just a mom said...

Oh my goodness, my sweet little guy does this same thing to the wipes! Too cute!!