Sunday, March 30, 2008

Not so typical day

Hey there, Sabrina, what are you doing today?

Oh, thanks for asking. Actually it's kinda a lazy, rainy day with sick kids. I think I'm going to lounge around all day, with my 2 sports bras on that are stuffed with cabbage, and maybe watch some Lifetime. Kinda a boring day... what are you up to?


Cloughamily said...

I LOVE YOU, my friend. You make me laugh!!!! I wish I could hang out on the couch with you. That actually sounds nice. Hubby leaves for a month tomorrow morning, so no lounging for me, at least for the next month. Now about the cabbage...the visual is too hilarious! But I too hear that cabbage works. You could try pumping once a day for a few days...weaning yourself gradually. Just a thought.

Love you!

Sarah said...

Oh, I feel your pain!! I too did the cabbage bra when my daughter weaned suddenly! Oh, the smell!

What am I up to? working on your design!