Tuesday, March 25, 2008

For the love of Lego's!

Joseph's mom is amazing. That woman has kept so many great memento's from his childhood. We got 2 boxes of Lego's in the mail the other day. Getting the Lego's was exciting because the boys love Lego's and we don't have very many since they are so expensive. But the most exciting part was that they were the Lego's that Joseph played with when he was a boy! Isn't that so fun! The kids actually have lots of toys that belonged to their Daddy when he was a boy. That's just so cool to me...

Above is a picture of Caleb, thrilled with all his Lego's and a picture that Caleb took of the spaceship he built.

Love and I have both been quite surprised at how much Luke loves Lego's. For some reason it doesn't seem like a wild enough activity to entertain that wild child. But he really likes them. A lot. And he's driving me crazy with them. He is still too little, so can't maneuver them as well as he would like and gets so frustrated that he throws the Lego's against the wall. At 6:45 am. UGH! He really is driving me crazy with the Lego's. Very, very crazy. If this continues, I may have to ban him from them...I'm already crazy and don't need to be driven further into the abyss!

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