Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Works for Me: Preschool Playroom Organization

We are blessed to have a playroom in our house, so the kids can keep all their toys contained to one room and not all over the house. We are also blessed because our playroom has french doors that I can close when it is a disaster and pretend that my house is clean. Unfortunately we are not blessed with children who jump up and down with excitement when I tell them it is time to clean up. Nor am I blessed with a personality that likes to pretend things are clean when they are not. So, when things like trash & junk toys, were just getting thrown into bins and then dumped on the floor the next day it was drives me crazy. The playroom was really becoming a mess.

One day I spent a couple of hours cleaning it out and organizing the toys. I gathered like toys and then made piles of toys that I wanted to keep, toys that we were going to donate and toys that were going to be trashed. The keep pile was significantly smaller than the other 2 piles! I really only kept toys that we collections or that we could add on to.

Then I took pictures of the different toys, had them printed and taped them onto the bins with clear tape. And here is what they look like:

Cleaning up is such a breeze for both my 3 year old and my 5 year old. Okay, I still have to
bribe make them clean, but at least they are more capable of putting things back where they belong. And it is nice when we have friends over because they can help clean up as well.
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Elizabeth said...

Great idea. I love how the tubs are labeled with a picture. Your organization skills are better than mine. I love to organize, but after a few days you can't even tell.

Heart of Wisdom said...

You are a genius!
Thanks for sharing.