Thursday, March 13, 2008

Right of passage for Caleb and his mama!

The day that I had been dreading for 5 years came a month ago. I knew that it would come, but I just kept telling myself that I still had plenty of time and would deal with it when it came. And I have. But not in the way that I thought I would

When Caleb was a baby, I always said that I would never allow my boys to have guns. Real, fake or pretend, I was not interested in my boys having guns. They hurt people, kill and have no place in the Mad house.

And then Caleb turned 18mo. old and was saying, "bang" and shooting me with french fries. I ignored and admonished, but that didn't stop him. By the time he was 2 1/2 he was turning everything into guns...broom handles, wooden horse sticks, green beans... all became weapons. Now he has every pretend gun known to man. Obviously I gave up. But not without rules! Clear rules. There will be no shooting mama, no pointing guns at friends who aren't playing the game or don't want to be shot, and no guns at the dinner table.

Well, now the day has come where joseph asked me if I was okay with him getting Caleb a BB gun. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. pause. silence. Hmmmmmmmmm. pause. silence. (BIG SIGH.) And then I had questions. What does that mean? What kind of BB gun? What would the rules be? How would this work? Do you really think this is a good idea? And he had some really good answers.

Joseph grew up in Alaska. Born and raised. He shot his first rabbit at like 5 or something like that. He was taught gun safety from day one. He grew up understanding the power of guns and proper use of guns. And he wants to teach that to our boys and someday go back home to Alaska and hunt with our boys. And while I don't understand that (afterall I am a city slicker!!) I completely respect it and respect him for wanting to teach our boys.

When Caleb got the news he was THRILLED!!! And that is an understatement. Here are some picture of my handsome boys.

This is what Caleb does even when he doesn't have a gun in his hands.

Daddy teaching Caleb the proper way to hold a gun. He didn't need much teaching.
Joseph made a target for shooting practice.

Of course, now Daddy wants a turn! There are some things that make men digress...playing with guns in one of those things.

Pure joy on my baby boys face!

And the sniper pose...Caleb's favorite!

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Sincerely Anna said...

I'm like you and this post scares me because my day is coming. Soon. Mike makes the same points that Joseph does but I'm still saying lalalalalalala whenever the subject comes up. :)

My favorite picture by far is of Dad sitting in the pink chair. That's a riot!