Monday, March 10, 2008

Happy Monday!

Need a little something to brighten your day? Well, here's two little somethings:

Aren't they little dolls? There are so many days that I think they look nothing alike and then other days, where at first glance, I can't tell them apart. They are my sweet little baby dolls!! And look at those little feet! They are only in a size 1 shoe. So petite!

At lunch today, with some friends, I was recalling my pregnancy with the twinkies. I didn't really blog much about it because I wasn't up for doing much of anything. (The small bit I wrote can be found here.) I was so incredible sick, frequently at the hospital, unable to take care of the boys and depressed. And then when I was no longer sick, I was so huge and uncomfortable! And Joseph was gone all the time...what a hard time in my life. During the really hard days, when I thought that I could handle no more, I thought about the "joy set before me". And now I look back and realize that I could never have imagined what joy these two little girl's would bring to my life. We all adore them and are completely captivated by them when they smile.

Twins are so much fun and I highly recommend them! Below is a picture of Ella showing some love to her sister and Lily Kate not too sure she wants any love. Don't worry mom, no one was harmed while I was taking this picture!!


Elizabeth said...

You are so right. Even though I'm sick and tired of being pregnant right now, the joy that is to come makes it all worthwhile. Thanks for the reminder!

Your twinkies are so adorable!

Cloughamily said...

I can't help but smile when I look at your children. They are so precious. Sab, you are such a good momma to them. I hope one day all of our children can play together. My boys want sisters so badly that if we did visit they may never want to leave your girls. Whenever we visit your blog they say, "Oh, look how cute they are!" And then they giggle. (They are hoping we'll adopt girls, because, you know, we're not sure if we can even produce them.) :)

Love ya,