Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy 10 month Birthday!

The girlie's turn 10 months old today. Look at them. Are they stinkin' adorable or what?!?!? Sometimes I look at them and I think my heart will explode with love! Don't get me wrong, I love my boys. They are smart, funny, charming, wild, adventurous, loud, imaginative, and all boy. My girls on the other hand are my little dolls. My sweet, precious, little girlie doll babies!! And my baby dolls are 10 months old today. And I seriously want the clock to stop because they are growing too fast.
Here is a little update on their little lives:
  • Neither are crawling...yet. Ella is super close, but Lily Kate has no desire. Although Ella can't crawl yet, she finds a way to get into naughtiness! I have been quite blessed to be able to put them down with their toys and then go off to work on something else. When I came back, they would be sitting there playing quietly. Now I have to come back and check more often to make sure that Ella hasn't gotten into any trouble!
  • We haven't had the girls weighed yet (they go at the end of the month) but I think they are getting bigger.
  • When I kiss them I make loud smacking noises. Well, now they click their tongues when I make the smacking noise. It sounds just like my smacking. And they both do it. Isn't that strange? (Gi-Gi thinks that's how they talk to each other..)
  • Ella is particular about the bottle she drinks from, but Lily will drink from any bottle.
  • Lily is still weary of strangers (especially men).
  • Ella makes the cutest growling noise. I started calling her "grrr-ella" which kinda sounds like "gorilla"! Gi-Gi thinks that is a terrible nickname!
  • The weaning is going good. They don't really care at all, I am really taking it slow for my sake!
  • The boys are quite definitive about which baby belongs to which boy. Luke claims Ella and Caleb claims Lily. Always. They never switch. The odd part about it, is that Ella is more like Luke and Lily more like Caleb.
  • They both have their 2 bottom teeth. They aren't all the way in and I think that's when they are the cutest!
  • There have been many tiffs over toys lately. I have a feeling there will be many, many, many more to come in their future. Today it's toys, tomorrow it's...boys!
  • They love to be outside. Yep, they are Mad kids!
  • They really are good, delightful babies.

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Elizabeth said...

I agree, your girls are so cute, or stinkin' cute. They look so smiley and sweet. And yes, one day they will fight over boys. That should be fun.