Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A little pat on the back!

I have told you many times (here, here, or here are just a few) about what a mess I am as a mama, but rarely feel like I have moments to report to you where I shine. Welll, as of yesterday, I have one!

Luke is 3 1/2 years old as sucks a pacifier. I don't love it, but haven't felt the need to fight the battle to get rid of it either. I tell him periodically that when he turns 4 he will be a big boy and have to give his "passy" to some babies that need it. Other than that though, I haven't really pushed the issue. The only rule that I set up for his pacifier is that it must stay confined to his bed. He isn't allowed to roam around the house with it. The pacifier wasn't a battle that I was interested in fighting and figured that at some point he would get rid of it on his own.

And that time came yesterday. When he got home from school yesterday he went to his room with his pacifier and after nap when he came out he told me, "I want to give my passy to the babies." I was veryyyy skeptical, but said "okay". He was insistent that we cut his passy off (we had tied it to his blanket after we got sick of being awoken in the night to find his pacifier because he couldn't find it!) right then and there and give it to them. I was now shocked! But I cut it off and put it on a high shelf in the pantry room, sure that he would ask for it when he went to bed.

He didn't. And hasn't mentioned it since.

It was that easy. And I am so glad that I didn't have to do anything, that it was his decision. I am also thankful that I made the decision to give him some time. I love it when I make a good decision as a mom!

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Sincerely Anna said...

Wow, you couldn't ask for anything better than that. He's really growing up!