Sunday, March 16, 2008

Dedicated to Raising Oaks of Righteousness

Today was a special day in the Mad house...Lily Kate and Ella Grace got dedicated! It was pretty sweet. I wasn't quite sure what the girls would do up there since they went to bed late last night, got up early this morning and don't like strangers looking at them. That last one is problematic when you are standing in front of the entire church!

The girls did great and looked a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e! Our church made it a short, meaningful ceremony where we acknowledged our desire to raise our girls in a family of faith and the church professed their desire to do their part in teaching our girls that Jesus died on the cross so that they can spend eternity in the presence of the one who loves them and created them.

The day was also made special because the girls aunt, grandma and some of our special friends came to church for their meaningful day!

The not-so-special-part was in the car after church where the kids and I had a melt down. Luckily Gi-Gi (grandma) came to the rescue and kept the kids at home while Joseph and I got to go to lunch with our friends. The girls were more excited about being home, then they were about going to California Pizza Kitchen, anyway!

My friend, Kellie, got these pictures for us. And because of the meltdown, we don't have any of the 6 of us. We really need to get some family pictures taken. If only the thought of doing so didn't leave me full of anxiety...


Sincerely Anna said...

A very special day (minus the meltdown, but hey - you got to go out to lunch alone and that sounds pretty great!) Do you call your girls by their first and middle names, I'm just curious? They do look adorable! And big! When did that happen?

The Mad House said...

I sometimes, but not always, call the girls by their middle names.

They are getting too big, too fast! You hold that Mini tight while she is so mini!!

Anonymous said...

You my dear had on your 1 million dollar smile, and looked beautiful.
Are those the dresses we bought minus their white sandals. Your doing a great job, The melt down is just a minor set back of that. Love you MOM