Friday, March 21, 2008

I know I said I wouldn't talk about it, but...

I lied. Well, it wasn't really a lie since I really hadn't planned on discussing my current situation, but really need some help. And sympathy. Lots of sympathy.

So my friend Kellie thinks I'm nuts-o (for many reasons) but I went cold turkey with the nursing drama. I mean, I had cut down to 2 nursings a day, for a couple of days, and then just quit. So I am very engorged and uncomfortable. This is the way that I did it with both the boys and don't remember it feeling this bad, but then again my memory is foggy on many things (by the way, I think that is God's grace on us as mamas so that we have more than 1 kid). Anyway, I am so uncomfortable. And I forget, how long will this last?

I'm just not sure that this was the best week to stop nursing. Luke got a fever yesterday. I didn't know that he was sick, but I had a feeling that something was up. What really tipped me off was when he got into a fight with his best buddy, Luke LaMar, at the park yesterday. Luke Mad loves his "best buddy" and they normally get along so great and almost never fight. Yeah, so when Luke Mad pushed his best buddy, I knew something was up with that kid. He was up at 3am and Daddy went to the guest bedroom while Luke got in bed with me. Poor thing, he was so uncomfortable, and burning up with fever, that he just tossed and turned until it was time to get up. If I was nursing I would feel much better about the girl's chances of not getting this, but now I am more concerned.

Anyway, I will be thrilled to report when this whole nursing drama is over... and I am sure you will be thrilled when you don't have to hear it anymore!


Miriam said...

When I quit - it was fairly cold turkey - and all the books I read said that your body can figure it out pretty quick 24-48 hours. You can hand express or pump just enough to get slightly comfortable - but the less you pump the sooner you'll be comfortable. Hope that helps!

jenny said...

Maybe you are more uncomfortable because you were producing twice the milk for two babies...

Cloughamily said...

Sabrina, Sabrina, Sabrina,

Why is it that your drama is my comic relief?! I'm sick, I tell you. (Actually, it's not your drama but rather the way you express it that keeps me in stitches.) I love you!

Seriously, I can't believe your girls are 10 months old and they are weaned. They grow up much too quickly.

I think the previous post advice is good. I hope you are feeling better soon.

Love you!

P.S. A dear friend of ours is in Uganda adopting two babies. I thought you might like to check out her blog. I think a Ugandan baby would fit your family perfectly! :)

The 4 Rohrers said...

Oh, I empathize with you! I remember weaning both the boys. I cried and they could have cared less. I never really loved it either, but is so sad to quit and I miss the bonding time. I completely understand!!! I was so dramatic and upset about weaning Connor that I had Alan take a picture (completely G-rated) of our last nursing session! It's in his baby book!

Try cabbage leaves for the engorgement - just stick them in your bra! They work!

The Mad House said...

Since Lovey wasn't home for my last feeding, I had Caleb take a picture. Talk about g-rated! One picture he took is just of my head and the other you can barely see the girls.

Oh, well. It will still make the baby book!