Monday, March 24, 2008

Our Easter egg hunt at church

Here are some photo's from our Easter egg hunt at church.

I love the picture below! Check out all those eggs right in front of Caleb, yet he is intently staring at the ground looking for eggs...all morning both of the boys overlooked the obvious eggs in front of them!

Case in point...check out all the eggs within reach, yet Luke goes for the obscure egg in the bushes!

Caleb and the Easter bunny. He's so cute! After he got his picture taken with her I said, "Wasn't that a cute Easter Bunny?" Caleb's response was an enthusiastic, "Uhhh-HUH!"
And this was the pose that Luke did with the Easter Bunny...Oh yeah, he refused to have his picture taken with that cute bunny girl. This was the little fit he threw! So dramatic!

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