Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I can't figure out why anyone reads this blog!

So something funny happened to me the other day...

I have been thinking about this friend (that I hadn't spoken with in a long time) quite a bit over the past couple of years but had lost touch with her and had no idea how to find her. After some super, stealth-like, sleuth techniques (that have since made me think that I should become a detective, but then I remembered that I would have to bring my 4 baby lovies and they are anything BUT stealth!) I found her! After some chatting she confessed that she has been reading my blog for some time now and just didn't know how to get in touch with me!!!

I was shocked! People that I know, but I don't know that they are reading my blog, are reading my blog. Shocked I tell you!! So, I decided that I need to add a little "contact" button or something so that those of you that know me, but are lurking around can come out in the light! I first have to figure out how to add that button. Which brings me to my next point...

Something very exciting is happening at ROofO. Very exciting. But I can't tell you yet. Soon, very soon.

And something super exciting is happening right now, even as I type... My house is being cleaned by our new house cleaners!!! They did their initial cleaning two weeks ago and I was super happy with the job they did. And I am hard to please. Very hard. We have actually gone through 2 other cleaning crews before I found these guys. And they passed the test with flying colors!

So here I am, blogging away while my girlies are napping, my boys are in school and someone is cleaning my toilets! The only thing that would make this better is if I was a size 6 and could eat anything I wanted a venti-iced-decaf-2%-xvanilla-xcaramel-blended-Caramel Macchiato!


Miriam said...

I too am often surprised to hear about people I know who are reading my blog but never comment! What baffles me even more is not that I added a Cluster Map to my blog I can see that people in Finland, Saudi Arabia, the Phillipines, Chile, etc. are reading my blog and although I have a international husband - he's not that international!

For awhile I had a thing that showed the ID's of the people who were ready - but then it was just creepy to know that a 50 yr. old man from N. Dakota had just read my blog...and I'm pretty sure I didn't know him! So sometimes, maybe it is better just not to know!!! : )

SaraSeashell said...

Hey Sabrina! I have "lurked" your blog for a while (hate that word, so creepy) via a recommend from my Snisserlou (Amy) and just wanted to respond to your post today. Why do I read? I love your heart, I love the way you paint your family your faith and your life in a vivid and authentic way. Also, I love that you are such a precious friend to my sister, she picks good people! You are encouraging and fun and I look forward to hearing what's happening at the Mad House. So, that's why I read, although I don't even know that we have had the chance to hug necks! :) I pray for you often, and your Mad tumble of humanity has a place to stay with friends in San Diego if ever you like.
Hugs and hugs,
PS. You have also contributed to my own inclination to blog!

The Mad House said...

Your incredible blog designer has got your contact button covered! (wink)

My college roommate, whom I had lost touch with, found me through my blog. Weird.

Sincerely Anna said...

Nice new design! I love the colors and I love your blog - always have! I really miss you and wish we had spent more time together when you lived in Maryland.

The Mad House said...

You gave me warm fuzzies! I am so glad that you stop by - especially since your sister does not! I absolutely adore her and your parents and your brother and next time I'm in CA, I'm stopping by!! Amy raves about you and I would love to meet you.

I can't wait to start reading your blog my friend!!

Sarah said...

Oops, that comment was written by me when I was logged in as you!