Sunday, April 27, 2008

Bad Guys

So here is the boys take one our incident:

Caleb - Completely "gets" what happened. Luckily my neighbor brought him over to her house once the police arrive and kept him for a couple of hours, so that he didn't have to be exposed to any more than he already was. Caleb is so sensitive and perceptive that when he came home he had lots of questions to ask. I tried to answer them all without giving him too much information, but I also didn't want him to feel like I was hiding things from him. He had good questions..."why would the bad guys break the window?" and "will the bad guys go to jail?" and "what happens if they never find the bad guys?" and "where do bad guys live?" and (this is a hard one) "do bad guys live in our neighborhood?" Hard stuff.

I thought that he was okay, but when he went to bed he started crying and was scared that the "bad guys" would come to Nana's house. Sweet boy. He hasn't had any issues since the first night we got here. One thing that I have found you have to do with boys is really extract feelings and make them talk about them. After some investigation, I think that he is better. I'm not sure what the first night in our house will be like though.

Caleb does like to tell everyone what happened. And he likes to talk about the "community helpers" that come to the house to help us.

Luke is...Luke. Totally oblivious. When my mom asked him what happened he said, "The wind blew the window to our van away and took it far away and the man had to put a new window in." Add some excited stammering in there and that is Luke. When asked why the police were at our house he said, "to find our window." Yeah, luckily he doesn't get much and in all honesty, he doesn't really care.

It will be interesting to see what they think when we get home...

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