Wednesday, April 09, 2008

We like to save on water

So the results are in!! I'm not sure who you every night bathers are, but I would love to know how many kids you have. Just curious. And Joseph "loves" (his word and strong for him) you people that only bathe your kids when they are dirty. He'd like to see more of you out there! His kind of people.

There is a discussion that we have often in this house and it goes something like this:

The Bath Advocate: "The kids need a bath tonight."
The Bath Opponent: "We just gave them a bath last night."
The Bath Advocate: "No, we gave them a bath 3 nights ago."
The Bath Opponent: "And you think they need one tonight?"

People, he says this in all seriousness! Never mind that Ella has food stuck in her hair, Lily Kate's fingers are stuck together with who-knows-what and the boys have all but rolled in the mud!

Now, you may be thinking, "Well, if she wants them to have a bath, then why doesn't she give them one?" And I am sure that Hubba thinks that every night. Every night. The truth of the matter is that bath time is not my thing. Never has been.

When Caleb was born, Joseph gave baths and I'm not sure how we decided that, but that was just the way it was. And Caleb got a bath every night. Once Luke was born, Joseph decided that it was better for their skin to give them a bath every other night. Actually it started out "I'm going to give him a bath every night, but use soap every other night." Somewhere that morphed into a bath every other night. Then somewhere along the line (maybe when the girls were born) it became that they got a bath when "they were dirty".

They are boys...they are always dirty!

I love that Hubba gives the baths at night. This is SO sad to admit, but last year when Joseph left for 6 weeks, was the first time I had given Luke a bath and I could count on one hand how many baths I had given Caleb up until that point! I had to call Joseph to ask him how he does the hair washing with Luke. Caleb was 4 and Luke was 2!! The bath has always been his job. And I guess that I should be thankful that he does it. No matter how (in)frequently.

Joseph and I have had the "discussion" many times as to how often people bathe their kids. Haven't y'all ever been curious? Well, I thank all y'all for participating in my little 'ole poll. You have definitely helped to settle a "discussion" that Hubba and I were having on bath time. Who would have known that this blog could be as good as marriage counseling for the Love and I?!


Sarah said...

We have the same story on the baths as you guys! Judd does the baths, usually, and we try to do it every other day, but sometimes we wait three (or four) when we're busy.

jenny said...

I'll admit that I'm one of the daily bath parents. I have two boys, and I dictate my husband bathes them nightly because 1)they enjoy it and aren't running around crazy, 2)I have quiet for kitchen cleanup, and 3)I don't have to clean up the baby so much after dinner time - it can be done in the tub:-) It was a good attempt on your hubby's part about the skin, but my boys are prone to eczema and have not had outbreaks in a long time despite being bathed with soap (special eczema soap) on a daily basis.

Cloughamily said...

We usually bathe our boys three times a week, and my hubby always does it too...since the beginning. He just throws them in the shower, not literally. When he's gone then I do it whenever they're dirty...except the baby. I have to bathe him every day because of his eczema. It's the only way to keep it somewhat under control.