Friday, April 18, 2008

Oh, Happy Day!

What a great day it has been! Just one of those days that you want to repeat over and over again because you don't want it to end.

It began the best way - the way that I wish all my days would begin. With Lovey announcing my 6 all time favorite words..."I'm taking the day off today." Whooo-hoooo!! How could my day be bad after that great start?

I had already planned to take the kids to Sea World today and Love offered to keep the babies while I took the boys. It is such a treat for me to get to do something with just the boys. And we had a really good time with our friends and I even got to ride the little Shamu roller coaster with the boys. They enjoyed the treat of getting to hang out with Mommy, doing "big boy" things and most importantly - getting to ride in the stroller and not having to walk.

We came home, had lunch and had a little rest before we were off for our next adventure...a family bike ride! And it was our first one as a family of 6!! Joseph pulled the girls and Luke in the bike trailer and Caleb rode his bike along with me. We rode from our house to a park near our house and then around the trail there. It was so much fun. The girls and Luke just chilled while Caleb talked non-stop to me. Oh, and asked 1,000 questions. How could I forget that?

Saddest part of the ride: Joseph pulled over and told me to come look. I looked inside the bike trailer and saw that the kids (mostly Luke) were covered with mud splatter! Joseph was going off road and riding in the muddy water. Poor kiddo's, got splattered in the process. They didn't even seem to notice or care. I sure did!

After we got home we all had a potty break and then jumped in the car to go to a park we hadn't been to in a long while, where Joseph, the girls and I had dinner while the boys played. Caleb ran into his best buddy from school and was so excited to get to play with him.

Joseph and I came home, put the kids to bed and had a movie night. It was a delicious day!

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