Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Caped Crusader's

Check out Batman and Robin!! Caleb woke up this morning and decided that he wanted to be - da-nananana-da-nananana-Batman! So, he put his costume on and ran around the house saving the girls and I from...? Then Luke wanted to be Batman too. Well, I couldn't find his Batman costume and he did NOT want to be Robin. Nobody ever wants to be Robin.

I tried all my Mommy manipulations to no avail, both boys wanted to be Batman and the Robin costume barely fit Luke so surely wouldn't fit Caleb. I had to resort to bribing Luke to be Robin. But once he had that Robin costume on, SHABAM! he was looking for the Batmobile! And kept that costume on - for bible study, around the neighborhood and even when we went out for dinner!

When we were at the restaurant tonight, I heard Caleb tell Luke, "Everybody is looking at you because they think you are the real Robin!" Luke got the biggest smile on his face! Those brothers are the cutest, dynamic duo!


Cloughamily said...

Ooooooh, how cute!

Miriam said...

Alex and I had a good laugh at Caleb's comment to Luke! What a great older brother!!! : )