Friday, April 18, 2008

Our Little Beauties are 11 months old!

    In 1 very short month my sweet babies will be 1 year old. I am holding so tightly to them. I am really not ready for them to grow up and when I think about them not being babies anymore, I want to cry. My biggest struggle is learning to appreciate today and not hold so tight that I can't enjoy it. That's hard. I'm trying.

    Let just not talk about all that and get down to talking about the Twinkies!

    • Ella is crawling and getting really good at it! This is when we work really hard at teaching boundaries!
    • Lily Kate can throw down some food! She ate more than her brothers at dinner the other night. Seriously, I made Joseph stop feeding her because I was afraid she was going to get sick from over eating!
    • Both girls would prefer to eat what we are eating for dinner instead of baby food. They love table food. Love it!
    • They both eat pretty much anything that you put in front of them, but especially love chicken.
    • They have finally gotten rid of that early evening nap. They take 2 long naps and then go to bed sometime between 6:30 and 7 pm. They have been waking up later, around 8, lately.
    • Lily is so fragile and particular these days. If she doesn't want the particular food you give her or is all done eating, she throws her food on the floor.
    • Ella laughs with this great belly laugh, while Lily giggles. So cute!
    • Lily Kate gets very, very, very upset if Ella takes a toy from her. Ella doesn't seem to care if one gets taken from her.
    • They both respond to their name.
    • Caleb can always tell them apart. Luke still can't.
    • Ella is getting to be quite a handful when it comes to changing her diaper. She thrashes, wiggles and fusses until you let her go. Drives me crazy!
    • They both baby babble quite a bit and there is definitely a different sound to their voices.
    • They watch each other a lot these days and will laugh if the other one is getting tickled. or if she hears her sister laugh.
    • The only time they seem to get jealous is if one gets the bottle before the other or if one gets picked up out of the crib before the other.
    • They love music and Ella tries to sing. You just don't know cute until you have see that!
    • Both are getting over their strong dislike of strangers.

    People say to me, "Ugh, I would never want twins" or look at the twins and say, "Better you than me" and other silly things, but I was thinking the other day that it is so much fun to have twins! I would never have guessed (or believed it to be true) but it really is a blast! Watching them play together and look for each other and climb over one another and even when they 'tiff over toys - it's so adorable! And those little girlies have brought more joy into our lives than any of us could have realized.

    Our little family is so blessed!


    Sincerely Anna said...

    They are so cute, I can't stand it. I love that Luke still can't tell them apart but that makes two of us! They are beautiful and I bet they are a blast, just like you wrote. I look forward to seeing their birthday pics next month!

    Miriam said...

    Here here - I agree that having twins is an incredible blessing! I love watching them interact and enjoy each other. Your little girls are super cute!

    Elizabeth said...

    I wanted twins and now I know why. They are adorable and I know you have so much fun with them.

    I know what you mean about wanting to appreciate each day without holding onto it so tightly that you can't enjoy it. I struggle with that everyday. Our kids grow up so very fast. I don't want to miss anything.

    Are you planning a big 1st birthday party?

    Kellie said...

    I finally looked! They are (in your words) "stinkin' adorable, hehehe!"
    Love the hats!