Thursday, April 03, 2008

Oh, the things people say

I love the expression on some people's face when they see my and my little lovies coming. I have seen it all...shock, joy, humor, disgust, annoyance and much more. I've also heard all the little quips...
  • "2 sets of twins?" (nope, the boy that is a head taller is five and the other one is 3)
  • "You sure have your hands full!" (my hands are full and so is my heart!)
  • "Are they twins?" (oh, you mean the 2 babies that are dressed exactly alike, have matching car seats and look alike - yeah, they're twins)
  • "2 boys and 2 girls, now you're done." (thank you for that determination.)

But my favorite and I mean absolute favorite is... "Are they all yours?" This one is my favorite because it is usually said when the boys are running circles around me or disobeying. Case in point: I had to go to Walmart this morning before I took the boys to school...

(Before I start that story, I must clarify something first. I am not a morning person. I mean, I am happy in the morning, but unless I went to bed at 8pm, don't wake me up at 5 am and expect me to start my day. I require roughly 9 hours and 1 minute of sleep. Please do not awaken me until I have had that 9 hours and 1 minute. For both our sakes. Also I am rarely out of the house before 10am unless it is to take the boys to school. It is too hard to get all of us moving!)

...I didn't want to go, but had to go. So I tell the boys that we are going to be fast and since there wouldn't be that many people in Walmart, they could run ahead of me. And because they are obedient, run they did. Through the whole store with gusto, speed and noise. So by the time we get to the checkout counter, they are excited (translated: wild). The checkout lady glances up when she hears us coming, then does a double take and stares at us until we are in front of her.

And then says (oh, this is my favorite!!!!) "Wow, are they all yours?" Seriously. Are you serious? Why in the world would I want to bring 4 children, some not mine, to the store at 8 am?

The best was when this lady asked me that twice in Office Max. Luke was totally out of hand and all I was trying to do was buy some paper and ink for the printer. As the boys are fighting, girls fussing and Luke laying on the floor she says, "Are they all yours?" "No, I called a couple of my friends and asked them if their kids were really wild and disobedient because I wanted to take them to Office Max if they were."

Joseph says that I take these things way too seriously and should just ignore the comments. Smile and be gracious...2 more things that I'm not that good at. Good thing God is giving me lots of practice.


Sincerely Anna said...

What? They really ask that all the time? How funny. I think you should think of funny comebacks, personally.

I got asked today if Mini was a boy! A BOY, SABRINA? She was dressed in pink, had a pink blanket and there was a pink cover on the car seat. A boy? Are you on something? I couldn't believe it!

Lorinda Symens said...

I love the story telling ability that you have and am one of them myself... I check into your blog now and than when I need to just read an honest sisters view of life! God bless you in all things..

Elizabeth said...

First, I love your new blog look. I need one of my own.

Also, it is surprising what people will say and you seem to handle it with much grace. At least you have a sense of humor about it!

Sab Mad said...

Anna - I'm not kidding...I get asked these questions all the time!! I ALSO get asked if the twins are girls or boys!! It kills me. They are dressed in bubble gum pink, have pink car seats and bows in their hair...HELLO?

Sab Mad said...

Lorinda -

Thanks for stopping by and commenting!