Saturday, April 26, 2008

Those days you never want to repeat again!

Yesterday was one of the craziest days of my life. Seriously crazy.

It began at a time of day when nothing should be beginning because I should be asleep! Around 3 o'clock in the am Luke comes in our room and says, "Mommy, I need a snack." Seriously. He made it sound like it was the most common request in the world - at 3 am! That child is something. My initial thoughts were, "Wow, at least he isn't screaming from his bed and waking everyone up" followed by, "It surprises me that he walked all the way through the dark house by himself" and then, "well, he did eat dinner at 4 pm" ending with, "what in the world? it's 3 am!" Apparently my children haven't figured out that I really like sleep.

So Joseph gets up, gives him some cheerios in a baggy and puts him to bed. He comes back to bed, we get comfortable and I begin to fall asleep... and then Luke starts screaming. Joseph gets up to go see what the problem is and 5 minutes later comes back with Luke. And as irritated I am that Luke is climbing in bed with us, I am hopeful that I still might get some sleep. After 10 minutes of him thrashing around, I tell him that he needs to go back in his bed. So that he isn't scared I tell him that Titan the Dog can come sleep in his bed with him. He loves that idea!

Back to bed he goes with Titan reluctantly (very reluctantly) following behind. Joseph lays with Titan and Luke (I love picturing all 3 of them in Luke's little bed!) for a little while before coming to bed. Lovey was in bed for just a few minutes when Luke starts crying - again. Now, he is throwing up. And proceeded to throw up every 30 minutes for the next 3 hours. Poor Luke and I got no sleep.

The crummy part of all this is that we are supposed to be leaving for my mom's house at 8 am. And we all really wanted to go. I called my mom, told her the situation and we made the decision to still try to go. By the time I hopped in the shower at 7 am, Luke was feeling much, much better.

I was only out of the shower about 3 minutes when the door bell rang. We all (the boys, Joseph and I) head to the door. A neighbor of mine is at the front door and says, "Hi, I'm ____ your neighbor down the street, we got our car broken into and I think that you did as well."

Talk about words you never want to hear! UGH!

Sure enough, we walk outside and someone broke the window to our van - the sliding door window!! - and they stole my purse.

Let's pause here to get the BIG question answered that I'm sure is running around in your head. Why the heck was your purse in your car? First of all, I'm really not in the habit of leaving my van out of the garage and while I have been known to leave my purse in the car it's only because my van is usually in the garage. AND I have a false sense of security living in a gated subdivision. I have learned my lesson. The way I learn all my lessons - the difficult way.

Back to the story...We called the bank to cancel my credit cards and the bad guys had already made 5 gas charges on my debit card and 8 on my credit card. All at the same gas station!! I was so sad. My purse was new and so was my wallet (and it was oh, so cute and spunky just in time for summer. And I had gotten this really cute hot pink wallet! Hot pink! Scandalously cute, I tell you. I don't usually - oh, never mind. I digress!). My super cute wallet had everything in it. 4 very fun gift cards, my zoo pass, our Seaworld season passes, Joseph's and my social security cards, my drivers license, my military ID - all of these things (minus the gift cards) are replaceable, but are a pain to replace! Some cash, my planner, KOHLS cash, very cute pictures of my kids... the list goes on. SO SAD.

I call the police to file are report. As I am outside waiting for them, I notice papers strewn all over the neighborhood. I go over to pick them up and notice they all belong to the same lady. Hmmm, I wonder. I start walking down the street and find a purse in between our neighbor's house with all the contents dumped out next to it. I knew my purse was probably somewhere in the same condition. Sure enough after a little looking we found it (and our diaper bag) and almost all the contents minus my credit & debit cards. I was so happy and not as mad at the bad guys as I initially was!

4 cars in our neighborhood got broken into and the police think it was some of the neighborhood kids. Lucky for us, they weren't interested in identity theft, but just wanted some fast cash. These bad guys are not the smartest and should really concentrate on their school work and not petty theft. They left my cash, but took my cards.

It's actually interesting what they left. They left our brand new DVD players that were in the car and (I'm embarrassed to admit this one!) my car keys. They had the keys to both our cars and OUR HOUSE!! Isn't that crazy! Thankfully our house alarm is on every night and even if they used the keys to open the door, the alarm would have still sounded!

What a day. And it wasn't even 8 am.

Thankfully, we were able to get someone to come out and put a new window in within a couple of hours. And since our accounts were frozen and we had no way to access cash, I was so thankful that I had 2 checks that I hadn't cashed yet that we were able to use to pay the man that fixed our window.

We were able to get on the road by 1 pm! And while we were on the road, I was reminded of how blessed we are in spite of all this drama.

While we were driving here, we saw all these buses, police and even ambulance at our favorite place to stop when we go to or from my mom's house. We realized that it was those same kids from Laredo! Now that, is really sad and breaks my heart. Despite my drama, I still have my babies and my family. Even if the bad guys had taken all my stuff, our cars, or all our worldly belongings - I still have the things that are most important to me, my family. Some moms don't.

I don't know if what CPS in Texas did was right or wrong, but I do know that those moms are in pain without their children. And my heart hurts for those children that have been taken from them. So sad.

Let's not end this on a sad note. Good news - we still got to go to Nana's house, and Luke never got sick again!

The police believe that all this started at 3 am... isn't that weird that that is when Luke first woke up?... Hmmmm........................

I think that I have written more than enough for today, but tomorrow I have to discuss my boys reaction to all this.


Sincerely Anna said...

Oh Maaaaan! What a morning! I can't stand kids throwing up - yuck (especially cheerios - yuck yuck!) So sorry about the theft. Glad you got your cute purse and wallet back and that you don't have to worry about identity theft. I hope the police catch the dudes (I'm sure they will and I bet someone at that gas station is in big trouble, too) And glad you finally got to Nana's and had a great time in spite of the rough morning.

Elizabeth said...

Praise God that your family was safe and the bad guys didn't take anything else. My van is in the driveway lately instead of in the garage and I am worried every night that it could get broken into. I can't wait to hear what your boys think of all this.