Thursday, April 10, 2008

I shouldn't watch the news...

First, let me start this post off by saying that I typically do not have an anxiety problem. As a mama, there are many things that I could worry about, but I find worrying to be futile. I don't have time to do it and if I let my mind worry, I know I would become consumed. I already have enough vices, so I leave worrying to my mom. I do not like to worry!

With that said, I watched the Today Show yesterday and saw a segment that has since had me very worried!! It was on plastics and the different ones that are hazardous to our kids health (and ours too, but I'm not too concerned about mine - just the kids!) Some of you probably already know about this because you are good consumers and pay attention to health warnings. I, on the other hand, truly believe that ignorance is bliss. The less I know, the better because of the whole worrying thingy.

So, after watching this I go to my cupboards to see if we are consuming food or beverage out of the BAD plastics. I was shocked to see that my drinking bottles that I use daily are the BAD #7 and the girls bottles are #7 too!!!! And some of the Luke's sippy cups are too! And all the Tupperware!! This is the point where I panic!

Well, when things are brought to my attention (and this was at the forefront!) I must investigate them. First step (and usually last step) is to...ask Joseph. Normally when I bring these things up to him he says, "Brina, that study was based on a.............(there is all these big words and scientific mumbo jumbo).............. (and them some more cited studies)........(I'm falling asleep at this point)................... (and some more scientific junk)....(trying hard to pay attention)..... so you see, there is nothing to worry about."

This time, however, Joseph says, "Yeah, I don't know what to tell you. There isn't enough scientific evidence yet. If you want to throw it all away, then go ahead." WHAT?! Where is the reassurance that the media is blowing this out of proportion? Now I was very, very worried!

I guess the Today Show had lots of response to their segment yesterday because they ran another one today. Here it is below if you want to watch it. (It's only about 5 min. long)

After watching this one I went to the cupboards and threw all plastics numbered 3, 6, or 7 in the recycle bin. And then I did some research. I was so thankful to find out that the girl's bottles are safe! And we are off tonight to find some replacement BPA-free drinking bottles for Lovey and I.

This is going to be expensive, but worth it so that there will be no more worrying!

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Elizabeth said...

Scary! I'm going to check my plastics right now.

Also, I wish I didn't worry like you don't. Life would be so much easier!