Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A peek into the abyss...

...also known as my brain!!

It is 9:38 am and I am still in bed. Oh yeah. Still in bed. And full of randomness...

I had a super fun day yesterday! My friend Kellie picked the boys and I up because after we dropped our kids off at school we were going to hang out. Caleb was so confused as to why we would want to go anywhere without them. Oh, you cute boy...once you have children you will understand! After we dropped off our kids at school we had coffee at Starbucks and then went shopping at the mall! I got some cute clothes at the Gap and think I may go back and get this super cute hat!

And then we met our hubbies for lunch. How fun is that? A little double date action! The rest of my day was spent being lazy and it was delightful!

We got home from our trip on Monday night and I have to tell you that I am not at all looking forward to traveling with the kids for 3 days straight. We did it for 3 hours and that was enough for me. The boys are easy and great. The girls...not so much. Oh, Lord. Give me lots of patience. LOTS!

I'm so not a flexible person. I was once carefree and spontaneous. Then I had children. Carefree and spontaneous, got lost somewhere when we first drove Caleb home from the hospital. I still haven't found them. What I did find was a control freak. And I haven't been able to shake her. I would like to get rid of her for the next month rest of my life. I think I am getting better. I really have outbreaks during stressful situations. Traveling with 4 kids is a stressful situation.

I have been trying to give myself a pep-talk for the past couple of weeks. I keep reminding myself that the kids behavior is going to be awful out of sync. Very out of sync. So I'm going to need to set boundaries, they are just going to have to be bigger than normal, to allow for more grace. I am going to need more grace and so will the kids.

It is to be expected that their sleeping, attitudes, eating, really everything will be out of the norm. Roll with the punches, Sabrina. Breath, LOTS, Sabrina. Enjoy the time with the family, Sabrina. And most of all, don't ruin this very special time for Joseph, Sabrina. He has worked hard and deserves to have a stress-free, drama-free vacation. Stress-free and drama-free and terms that I'm not too familiar with...

Joseph will work 4 days from now until June. He has been home so much and it is wonderful. He has this whole week off with nothing to do! He took the boys to the zoo this morning. Caleb was very excited that it was going to be just the boys. Some male bonding action.

The girls are having their birthday party this weekend. I cannot believe that they are almost 1 year old. All our friends are coming to this party (along with my parents) and then we will have another party, while we are on our trip, with family. Lily Kate and Ella's birthday will most certainly be celebrated!

I got Joseph a new IPOD for graduation. I didn't think that it was too exciting of a gift, but he loved it. I also got him the stuff for his car, so that he can use it there too. I had no idea what I was buying, but the nice girl at the store walked me through what I needed. Joseph is excited about getting the bible, and some of his favorite speakers downloaded so that he can listen to them to and from the hospital.

Well, I think I will get out of bed now...just to get a drink!! And then I will climb right back in for a little snooze!

Thanks for listening to me ramble about nothing.

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